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Genius Bonus jokes are hilarious to those in the know, however they are notorious for having to be explained to folks who simply don't know the reference. That makes these jokes specific to certain crowds because of Don't Explain the Joke.

Some below jokes span several categories.

History Genius Bonus

  • A new preacher comes to a small town on a Friday, and decides it would be a good idea to visit each member of his congregation at home to get to know them before Sunday's service. All goes well until he comes to one house. The preacher knocks, and rings the door bell, but even though the lights are on and activity can be seen inside, no one answers the door. Exasperated, but deciding it's best not to bother them, the preacher takes a card out of his pocket and writes "Revelation 3:20"note  on it, before slipping it under the door and leaving. Come Sunday, after finishing his sermon at the local church, the preacher finds the card in his collection basket, and sees that the resident of the house has written "Genesis 3:10"note .

Math Genius Bonus


Chemistry Genius Bonus

  • Two chemists walk into a bar. The first says "I'll have a glass of H2O". The second gives the first a weird look and says "I'll have a glass of water too." The first chemist, angry that his murderous plot failed, drinks on in silence.

Grammar/Language Genius Bonus

  • There's a grammar joke that goes like this:
    Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex (Oh, Crap!)
    • The joke being that the periods after each "sex" are menstrual periods, resulting in a Surprise Pregnancy.
  • A businessman arriving in Boston for a convention found that his first evening was free, and he decided to go find a good seafood restaurant that served scrod, a Massachusetts specialty. Getting into a taxi, he asked the cab driver, "Do you know where I can get scrod?" "Sure," said the cabdriver. "I know a few places... but I can tell you it's not often I hear someone ask that question in the third-person pluperfect indicative!"note 
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  • A Roman (in other versions: a Classical philologist) walks into a bar and orders a 'Martinus'. The bartender asks, "surely you mean a Martini?" The man replies, "I would have told you if I wanted two!"

Philosophy Genius Bonus

  • Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


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