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Everyone may be doomed, but they're at least having a heck of a time riding the downward spiral!

  • So, everyone knows Gamzee will try to kill them all- they see through his future self's attempts to use False Reassurance on them in a memo - and this irks the insane clown enough to start an intertemporal memo to taunt his past self about his eventual fate as Future Gamzee. Past Gamzee's adamant refusal to turn into, well, himself, gets under his future self's skin enough that Past Gamzee gets banned. Then this happens...
    FTC banned PTC from responding to memo.
    FTC: goodbye.
    FUTURE terminallyCapricious 2 [FTC2] 35 HOURS FROM NOW responded to memo.
    FTC2: HoNk.
    FTC: mother.
    FTC: FUCK.
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  • The fact that sober!Gamzee was the third judge for the rap-off. And that Doc Scratch joins in.
  • "Doc Scratch's typewriter has exploded."
  • Doc Scratch's final words just before he gets atomized by the Tumor are "Maybe now we can get back to the main plot".

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