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The Movie:

  • Gary and Wyatt getting pantsied by the bullies at the beginning.
  • When the boys shower with Lisa, they don't take their jeans off.
  • Bill Paxton's performance of Chet. He literally causes the other actors to almost break out laughing.
  • Apparently, Wez's henchmen (the short, bald, growling beast of a biker) is a school principal somewhere.
  • The Wild Teen Party sees the pianist sucked out the window and dumped into the drink in her skivvies.
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  • The perishing missile appearing in Wyatt's bedroom and Gary's squeal to it.

The Series:

  • From the episode where Lisa gets possessed by a cyber demon:
    Wyatt: Who are you?
    Demon!Lisa: Me? I'm the living embodiment of all that is evil in the computer world.
    Gary: You're Bill Gates?
  • From the episode where Gary and Wyatt's spy game goes awry and turns Scampi into an evil mastermind.
    Scampi: You win this round. But just you wait until graduation. You'll never leave the stage alive!
    Gary: Hey, joke's on you, pal! 'Cause the way my grades are sucking, I probably won't graduate!
  • In one episode, when Gary demands that Lisa help the duo understand how women think:
  • In "Mr. President," a serial wedgier makes a move on Wyatt, now President of the United States. One Clint Eastwood wannabe Secret Service agent notices and runs to intercept. Does he tackle the teen? No, he runs behind Wyatt and pushes him in such a way that he winds up taking the wedgie for the POTUS.

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