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  • In the scene where the girl playing the piano gradually gets all of her clothes sucked off before being sucked up and out the chimney, am I the only one who finds those cutaway shots that show how everyone else at the party is just standing at a safe distance watching this happen to be a little, well, weird? It adds almost a creepy, voyeuristic feel to the scene.
    • Rule of Funny + Rule of Sexy
    • This movie is about a magical brainwashed sex slave. Just sayin.
      • She's not brainwashed. Brainwashing implies taking a human being and conditioning them to think something other than they normally think. Lisa is a programmed virtual entity, they didn't brainwash her to be a sex slave, they programmed her to be their idea of "the perfect woman". Which, if you'll note, for them included the fact she was a frikkin' genius.
  • Seriously, why does Lisa even have magical abilities? The only thing I can think of is that one of the things Gary and Wyatt scanned in was a poster of Harry Houdini, but why would they do that if they didn't know she would become real?
    • The title of the movie answers your question.
    • It could be because of the giant red cloud that struck the computer with lightning. Before that happened, they were initially just trying to create an A.I. for their computer that would give them dating advice.
  • Also, when they try to create another woman but end up creating the missile instead, isn't it kind of strange that the lightning happened to strike at the exact same moment? Just cause Lightning Can Do Anything doesn't mean it will strike whenever they "hack" into that mainframe.
    • Or Lisa could have done that to humor them.
    • They were following the steps they took when making Lisa. They figured that doing what they did, summoned that cloud.

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