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  • Once you start getting close to Esteban's two main goons, they start to get a lot funnier. Like Cesar begging Shane to not reveal to the other thugs that he was a nurse. Because they'll tease him. And Ignacio...just in general swings between utterly terrifying, and completely hysterical, like crying at Nancy and Esteban's wedding while wearing a powder blue tux, and the horror he exhibited when Shane killed his teacher's bird.
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  • The many, many unsuccessful attempts Quinn has in getting the ransom she's demanding for her mother.
  • Ignacio's (remarkably astute) observation of Celia. "She's like the Herpes. She keeps popping up."
  • The random reference to Zorro, the Gay Blade; after Doug, who's suddenly obsessed with George Hamilton, causes C.P. to hit his head on their store's counter:
    Silas: What are you gonna do now, put on a Zorro mask and fuck him?
  • Silas' utter confusion when Shane reveals that he's in the police academy:
    Silas: B-but we're criminals, it's the family business, what the fuck are you doing?!
  • The conversation between Nancy and one of U-Turn's friends at U-Turn's funeral.
    Two Strikes: Damn, I remember when he was just a wanna-be. We busted our car-jacking cherries together.
    Two Strikes: (impressed) Respect. (fist bumps Nancy)
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  • Desperate to avoid the army, Andy attends a rabbincl school and ends up in a relationship with the administrator, Yael. They have a relationship that ends up with her using a strap-on on him. When Andy loses his toes and thus can't be in the army, he dumps her. In the finale season, Andy comes to Yael, putting the moves on her, wanting to rekindle the flame...only to realize she has absolutely no memory of him at all. The look of "how can she forget that on Andy's face is priceless.
  • Andy and Doug are having the type of conversation you have when you're drunk or stoned, and Lupita walks in:
    Andy: Hey, Lupita, settle an argument for us; what do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?
    Lupita: The coffee table. (walks out)

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