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Nancy Botwin's name is a Shout-Out and Take That! to Nancy Reagan.
Nancy Reagan made drugs her First Lady pet project and is responsible for the phrases "War on Drugs" and "Just Say No".

The Botwin brothers are younger brothers of the Winchester brothers.
Why is it so convenient that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the father in both of these shows? Granted, he appears far less in Weeds than he does in Supernatural, but he does appear.

John Winchester is the father's real name. After his wife died when Sam was a baby, he needed compassion from other women. Adam's mother from "Jump The Shark" was one of them; ten years later, Nancy Botwin was one, too. But when John had to leave to take care of Sam and Dean again, he faked his death to the Botwins and went back permanently instead of going back and forth like he probably had with Adam. (That's why Silas has a brother.)

  • But Shane supposedly saw Judah have his heart attack and die right in front of him.
    • That was in the first episode right? There's a chance that he faked it at the last minute because he didn't know how else to make them think he was dead.
  • Jossed. For Silas. Judah's not his dad. But that would explain why Shane could talk to his ghost and Silas couldn't. Made even more brilliant by the fact that John died in Supernatural.

The entire run of the show is a nightmare Nancy is having.
It's one evening a few days after Judah died, Nancy is worried about what she's going to do for money. Andy gives her Conrad's number in case she needs something to take the edge off, and Nancy has got the idea in her head to sell weed to support herself. Nancy goes to sleep with the plans to contact Conrad and Helyah in the morning, then she starts dreaming about what life will be like.

Esteban is not dead and is the sniper in the season 7 cliffhanger.
We were merely told he was dead without any photographic evidence. Hate to sound like a deather, but maybe the government put him into a witness relocation program.

The sniper is Tim Scottson.
He has a pretty good reason to be mad at Nancy.
  • Confirmed in the Season 8 premiere.

Emma is Georgina Sparks.
Georgina uses aliases before, she lives in NYC and she said to Silas that she attend private school.

Mary Louise Parker will sing Little Box in the final

Nancy died at the end of God Willing And The Creek Dont Rise
Nancy and Andy start to fuck then Andy suddenly ran away. Why? The gyrating caused the bullet to slip, killing Nancy in the exact same spot that Juda (Give or Take)

Post-series Nancy will become Andy's submissive.
This is based on a few factors: 1) We know she's into BDSM (and always seems to like to bottom), 2) she has an empty nest, 3) she's set for life so she doesn't have to worry about always being in charge anymore, since she no longer needs to keep her family safe, and 4) whether we as the viewers believe she manipulated Andy, she clearly feels guilty. So, she comes to him with an offer: He gets a turn to be the one controlling her.
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