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  • Randy and Fred surveying the sushi platters at Suzi's party. Sushi was obviously much more of a thing in the Valley than in Hollywood at the time, so their reactions to the Valley kids enjoying the party food are priceless.
    • As Suzi talks to Beth about a boy she likes, Beth and Lyle are preparing sushi for the party guests. Lyle is struggling to top a gunkan maki with what looks like thinned-out miso paste. He tries using chopsticks to spread the miso, which is very thick and sticky, on top of the sushi piece. He switches to using a spoon, only to go back to using the chopsticks. When he finally finishes making his gunkan maki, he holds it out to Beth and Suzi to put on the next platter of sushi to be brought out to the party guests... only to be ignored by both as Suzi leaves the kitchen with the platter and Beth begins prepping another one.
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  • Julie is slightly embarrassed that her parents are, well, hippies who try to relate to her rather than be parents. True enough, when she gets home late after hooking up with Randy her parents comfort her rather than scold her.
  • During drivers' ed at school, Julie and the other Valley Girls are having a gabfest about Julie hooking up with Randy while the poor driving instructor (Richard Sanders!) is screaming for dear life in the passenger seat...
  • While Randy is beating the crap out of Jerkass Tommy offstage, behind the stage curtain, the members of Josie Cotton's backing band keep stealing glances at the action while the teacher who is supposed to introduce the king and queen of the prom drones on.
    • Tommy shoves his tuxedo jacket at Julie to fight Randy. Julie thrusts it at Fred and watches Tommy with a sour expression on her face.
  • Randy's words of wisdom while driving through downtown Hollywood: "If they attack the car, save the radio!"
  • At the prom, two of Tommy's friends are accosted by one of the teachers at the punch bowl right after they have spiked it. The teacher decides to sample the punch, so the boys are sweating bullets while the teacher looks for cups (Suzi had been tasked with bringing cups, but she had yet to show up). The teacher finally dips his finger into the punch bowl and tastes the punch that way. His verdict? "A little flat."
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  • Randy's attempts at winning Julie back, but especially at the theater:
    Tommy: Is this in 3-D?
  • Randy and Fred get thrown out of the party. Fred waits until they're free from the danger of getting beaten up before he tells off the guys who threw them out.
    • Fred in general, especially when he's trying to meet girls at the Valley party.
    Fred: (wooing Stacy) My little pickle!

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