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Tear Jerker / Valley Girl

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  • Julie breaking up with Randy. She obviously doesn't want to go through with it despite being heavily pressured by her friends to and is in tears. Being shouted and cussed at by Randy doesn't help.
  • Randy himself takes the breakup very badly. He gets totally smashed, has a heated make-out session with his ex-girlfriend, nearly gets into a fight with a gang of low riders, and, after Fred saves his bacon from likely getting killed by said gang, whines that he just wants to die.
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  • For all Loryn acts perky and apparently likes sleeping with guys, it's clear she doesn't like being treated like a sex toy by Tommy and Arthur. The poor girl cries when Tommy coldly breaks off their tryst and leaves the room when she wanted reassurance that they would be an item afterwards. At the prom, Arthur wanted to leave with her to go somewhere to get it on, but Loryn insisted on staying to see who would get the crowns and was visibly upset that he would suggest such a thing.

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