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  • CTF-Reflection has two:
    • Initial banter between Othello and Jester:
    Jester: Come on, you afraid of trans sickness?
    Othello: Guess you're on defense, slowpoke.
    • The lampshade about Field Lattice Generators having flag forms:
    Othello: We have the flag, let's bring it home.
    Jester: You mean "Field Lattice Generator", right?
    Reaper: It looks like a flag, waves like a flag - it's a flag.
  • Jester makes a bad joke at WAR-Sinkhole:
    Jester: Sinkhole? More like "Stinkhole".
    Othello: Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee...
    Reaper: Ah, jeez... Stay focused, Jester.
  • From CTF-Hydrosis, after Iron Guard's first capture:
    Othello: Wouldn't it be easier to defend if we raised the bridges?
    Jester: Then how would we get to their base?
    Othello: Oh, I don't know... swim?
    Reaper: Right. You do that. We'll use the bridge.
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  • In the cutscene between acts II and III, when Reaper's teammates discuss the situation without him nearby:
    Othello: [to Jester] You need to talk with your brother. He's like some nutcase on a holy war... [looks at Bishop] Uh. No offense.
    Bishop: Infidel.
  • The first mission of Act III takes place in DM-Arsenal. Cue this lampshade:
    Bishop: Somehow, I question the logic of firing Rocket Launchers in an abandoned munitions plant.
    Othello: That does sound dangerous.
    Jester: More dangerous than not shooting back?
  • CTF-Coret has two moments:
    • At the beginning of the match:
    Reaper: Jester: status.
    Jester: Seriously? We're fighting for our lives... at the mall.
    • When Othello finds a strip club in the red side:
    Othello: Buck Love? Is that a strip club?
    Jester: You wanna take 5? Go ahead, we'll cover you.
    Bishop: The Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak...
    Othello: Uh, Bishop, does that mean you want to go, or what?
  • From WAR-Torlan_Necris
    Reaper: Careful, the Krall have Nightshades.
    Othello: Roger, I'll keep an eye out.
    Jester: Dork, Nightshades are invisible!
    Othello: Right, yeah... I knew that...

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