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  • Anything with the darkings in Trickster's Queen. Especially when they tell Aly what's going on at the palace when Imajane thinks Rubinyan is cheating on her.
    Trick: She has nothing left to throw unless she picks up chair. ...Uh oh.
    Secret: She picked up chair.
    • Aly's attempt to spy on Dunevon with one is foiled because Dunevon finds it and is caught jumping up and down on his bed with it.
  • This Quote from Raoul
    Raoul: When people tell me a knight's job is all glory, I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Usually I can stop laughing before people start backing away talking about soothing drinks.
  • Alanna's first meeting with Ralon of Malven is this, particularly her comeback to him when he asks her to bow and scrape for him:
    Alanna: I'd sooner kiss a pig! A dirty, smelly pig! Is that what you've been doing, kissing pigs? Or being kissed?
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  • Kel's exchange with Wyldon after a bout of jousting and he says he wished she were a boy.
    Kel: Being a girl is more fun. More funner? Is that right?
    Wyldon: Lie down, Mindelan, you're tilt silly.
  • Kel sparring with Queen Thayet, and getting dumped on her arse because she's too busy being overawed by Her Royal Majesty to conduct a proper defense. She fixes that in a hurry!
  • The reveal that Kel thought the clothes stand in her bathroom was a hurdle that had been misplaced, which she didn't say anything about for a whole year.
  • Daine's list of complaints to the Badger during Wolf Speaker. She's hungry, she's tired, she's cold, everything is going wrong-
    Daine:... and I have Squirrel feet!
  • Prince Bronau's absurd Purple Prose laden dialogue as he courts Sarai. If the book hadn't come out two years earlier, you'd swear it was meant as a parody of Twilight.
    • And Cleon's parodying of such language in his "wooing" of Kel.
    Cleon: Your teeth call to mind wolfhounds romping in the snow!
    Kel: Wolfhounds are furry. I hope my teeth aren't.


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