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Funny / The World's Greatest Athlete

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  • As Nanu caries Sam over his shoulder (being led to believe Sam is ill) Milo has to follow as Nanu takes his boss to the witch docotor. When the pair are walking a narrow mountain path, Milo gets understandably nervous.
    Milo: Alligators? Uh you didn't tell me about the alligators down here I think that maybe... (leans a little to far in order to take in the view) Ahh! Unnn! Whaa! Oh I don't wanna be here!
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  • The guys attempts at disguising Harry, the tiger by making him wear a hat and coat.
  • During The Meadow Run scene, Jane and Nanu in slow motion cross a meadow arms spread wide, and Nanu runs into Harry.
  • The scene where Gazenga confronts Milo about Nanu in the Sombrero Bar. Gazenga asks Milo to hold two specially made candles in his hands, Milo obliges but can't help but quip:
    "You aren't gonna make me drink Zebra juice are yeh?"
  • Voodoo Doll: Milo tries making one of Gazenga, and shows it to Sam. Sam tosses it away. It lands in the water bucket. Gazenga flies out of the grandstand and lands in the pool.

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