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Funny / The Women

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  • The Cat Fight between Sylvia and Miriam in Reno, after Sylvia learns that Miriam is the one her husband is seeing. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome and Laser-Guided Karma as it serves as a form of comeuppance on bitchy Sylvia. The icing on the cake is Sylvia's freak-out after the fight ends, when she starts breaking stuff and screaming how she hates everyone, and Lucy says she's got "the hi-sterics".
    Sylvia: How much did my husband pay you?
    Miriam: I made Howard pay for what he wanted. You made him pay for what he didn't want!
  • Mrs. Morehead clearly doesn't think much about Mary's choice of friends. Right after they leave, she charges out of her room with a perfume bottle.
    Mary: Mother, what are you doing?
    Mrs. Morehead: Fumigating!
  • Anytime the Countess says "L'amour! L'amour!"