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Funny / The Players Club

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  • When Ebony goes out of the club with Reggie and Clyde:
    Lil' Man: "Your lil' cousin's a hoe."
    Diana: "Which way?"
  • When Brooklyn and K. C. beat down Dollar Bill, K. C. tries to show bravado by kicking the already unconscious Bill. He trips and falls.
  • Dollar Bill's epic breakdown at the end. Bernie Mac was clearly having a good time.
    Freeman: Don't be running up on me like that! The hell's the matter with you?! I'll blow your ass all the way back to Chicago.
    Dollar Bill: Freeman, I just asked you a question!
    Freeman: Aww, shut up! [heads outside to the squad car with Ronnie]
    Dollar Bill: [turning to Lil' Man] Who he talkin' to like that?
    Lil' Man: Heh, he talkin' to yo ass!
    Junior: [sobbingly] Ronnie! Ronnie! We gotta call Mama!
    Dollar Bill: Goddamn right! I'm suing both of y'all! You ain't got no doggone warrants! YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHIN'! You ugly motherfucka! You know goddamn well that you wrong, Freeman! All the pussy I hooked yo' ass up with! You better wear your bulletproof vest all day! ALL MOTHAFUCKIN' DAY! YOU TOO, YA FAT! MUTHA! FUCKA! Lemme see YA again..!
    Tricks: [sobbingly] Dolla...
    Dollar Bill: Baby! I'll be down there! Don't worry about nothin'! [singing] Magilla Gorilla, Magilla Gorilla! Gorilla for sale! [squad car drives away] Goddamnit! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! [Walks back towards Lil' Man] DO SOMETHIN'! DO SOMETHING'!

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