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  • While performing a Sherlock-esque asskicking, Twilight lists the strengths of the Mane Six. Unicorn power, mastery of pegasus martial arts, whatever it is Pinkie Pie does, unnatural Strength, instant translocation, skill with blade...
  • Twilight orders Unimpressive to teach Pinkie Pie how to fight bladecasters. At first he thinks she's trying to teach her how to bladecast, leading to the following snark:
    “Sure thing,” [Unimpressive] drawled. He turned to Pinkie. “First, you take your unicorn magic—oh wait.” He threw his forelegs into the air. “I guess that’s that. Come back when you’ve grown a horn.”
    • And then...
    Unimpressive: But she's loonier than a fruitcake!
    Pinkie Pie: There are no loonies in fruitcakes, silly. Only money cakes.
    Unimpressive: You see this? I'm not letting her come at me with sharpened steel.
    Twilight: I order you as your master and commander.
    Unimpressive: And what if I refuse?
    Twilight: I'll tell my mom.
    Unimpressive: Well played, General.
  • Unimpressive tells Twilight to drink something after using up her magic. She ends up choking.
    Twilight: What kind of potion is that?
    Unimpressive: Potion? That's whiskey.
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  • Unimpressive in general, really.
  • Luna outsnarking Nihilus.
    Nihilus: You know what the biggest difference is, between you and I, Luna?
    Luna: Wings and a pretty face?
  • The Shout-Out to Star Trek concerning Discord's Deus Exit Machina.
  • "Honk!" Pinkie Pie cried as her hooves closed around Terra's nose.
  • Spitfire and Rainbow Dash discuss Titan's storm.
    Spitfire: Makes you feel small. Doesn't it?
    Dash: That? No way. Makes me think that Titan has size issues.

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