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Funny / The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

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  • The Ginosaji gets stabbed in the throat by his desperate target and pulls the knife out, holding it up menacingly... only to drop it harmlessly and go right back to smacking Jack with the spoon.
  • The spoon breaks! Both victim and killer stare at the remnant, Jack in relief... only to have the Ginosaji pull open his jacket to reveal row upon row of spoons hanging in it.
  • The narrator's commentary. "And again. And again. And again."
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  • Jack going to a restuarant to eat seems kinda funny when you think about it:
    Jack: Table for one, please. Oh, him? He'll be standing behind me, hitting me with a spoon. Yes, it hurts like fucking hell. Hey, Ginosaji, you hungry? I've heard the soup here is amazing... Y'know what? I'll get a bowl of the daily special, and if you get hungry, take a break from whacking me and try some. When's that waiter getting here?

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