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    Season One 
DJ Khaled

    Season Two 
Key & Peele
  • By the time Key and Peele make it to the Mad Dog sauce, they're seriously struggling to stay coherent, not helped by Sean asking a surprisingly in-depth question about "Camp Awesome"note  that throws them off guard.
    Key: Sean, I'm having a stroke!

Bobby Lee

  • Bobby has a legitimate Potty Failure while on the last wing after apologizing for yelling.
    Bobby: I'm so sorry, I'm really a nice guy, and I don't mean- I'm not threatening anybody, I'm not- (burp) Uuuuuuuuugggh.
    Sean: Did something just happen?
    Bobby: Yeah, hold on hold hold on hold on hold on. Ugh.
    (Bobby grabs the back of his pants, and Sean looks shocked)
    Sean: No!
    Bobby: Oh, did you hear it!? Haha. Oh sh-
    Sean: This is not happening.
    Bobby: Yeah it did.
    Sean: No it didn't.
    Bobby: It's fine.
    Bobby: I also don't ever wanna do this again.
Bert Kreischer
  • Two words: flying dildos. That is all.
Eric Andre
  • The first thing Eric does after conquering the final wing? Pick up his plate and smash that motherfucker against his head. Oh you thought being off his show would make him less crazy? No.
    Eric: (mouth full of wing) GET SOME BABAAAAAAY!
    • A plate? HE SLAMS A PITCHER AND A CUP, much to Sean (and his crew)'s shock.
      • While singing Chocolate Rain but forgetting anything beyond the opening lyrics. He only does that because somehow he mixed up Tay Zonday and Tina Fey.
    • While enduring the pain of the wings, Eric randomly shouts "Jeremy SPOKE IN!!!".
    • Early on, Eric states that he'll do a shot of the Mega Death Sauce as Sean thankfully manages to convince him not to. Eric's pretty colorful in his descriptions though.
    Eric: I'll do a fuckin' shot of this right now, I'll fuckin' vacuum clean that shit with my dickhole.
    • Eric drops the bomb that he'd been arrested during the filming of his show before, and then dodges explaining by saying that he had been "legally advised not to discuss".
    • At one point, Sean brings up a tweet Eric had made about three sex moves he came up with names for but didn't describe. Eric describes them, but some people probably wish he hadn't. They are the French Exit: Snowballing but with poop, the Tuxedo Surprise: just the French Exit but in a Tuxedo, and the Potato Boy: the mere act of having sex with Haley Joel Osment.
    • Eric on being goaded into eating the wing with Da Bomb sauce.
    Eric: You're playing on my macho insecurities... (while eating the wing) and now I'm gonna regret this. I have a very small penis, and I need to prove myself.
    • At one point Eric tries to claim he went to college in Bangkok to which Sean replies that, no, he went to Massachusetts. At this point Eric doesn't even try to keep the lie up and almost begrudgingly remembers that Sean did his research.

    Season Three 
Keke Palmer
  • "A hot sauce that plays tricks."
  • Keke's attempts at pretending the spices don't bother her.
H 3 H 3 Productions
  • "Blair? Fuck you, Blair."

    Season Four 
Cara Delevingne
  • Poor Cara probably has one of the hardest times of any guest. Doesn't help that she's a guinea pig for the new sauce line-up...
  • Midway during the interview, the heat starts to get to Joji and he begins to say how he shouldn't touch his eyes or his dick, a Call-Back to the earlier episodes. The Madness Mantra of "Can't touch my eyes.." is repeated throughout the episode.
  • Joji decides to go screw it when he and Sean reach the final Hot Wing. It goes as well as you expect.
    Joji: WHOA! WHOA!!!
  • During the analysis of a Pink Guy song, Joji (who at this point is under the stress of the super hot wings), just lets out a tired "I don't fucking know...".
  • After finishing the Hot Ones interview, Sean praises Joji for his endurance and talks about how he left the wings out on the tray to show the audience his journey....only for Joji to realize there was a trashcan right next to him.
    Joji: Oh there's a trash can! Oh..I'm sorry!

    Season Five 
Adam Rippon
  • Adam arrives at Da' Bomb wing, the point where most guests stop having fun. He takes a big bite, calls Sean a sissy and thinks nothing of it. Then it hits him.
    Adam: My LIPS hurt! I can't keep spitting, but I can't stop drooling!

    Season Eight 
Gordon Ramsay
  • Gordon came Crazy-Prepared to the interview. The things that he brought included doughnuts, lemon and lime juice, and pepto bismol.
  • During the last dab, he put on the last dab...and then projectile squirted lemon and lime juice onto his wing.
  • This exchange:
    Gordon: Now what does this need? (the scrambled eggs they were making)
    Sean: Some hot sauce.
    Gordon: No, NO! Some fucking salt, you fucking donut! We don't need to put more fucking hot sauce in there!
  • It should be noted that Gordon swore the most out of every other person they interviewed. A Youtube commenter said that he swore 179 times.
  • Sean's comedic timing in this episode deserves mention, as he's rolling with Gordon's punches like a champ, but his deadpan response to Gordon's sardonic question about whether the show has ever caused somebody's death deserves a mention:
    Gordon: Have you ever killed anybody?
    Sean: We haven't heard from Coolio in a long time...
  • They close the show by making scrambled eggs, but Gordon excuses himself first for the restroom. When he comes back, he soon announces that he didn’t think to wash his hands before he peed, and now his crotch is burning.

    Season Nine 
Idris Elba
  • Idris hits his limit with the wings and has a... different reaction than most guests.
    Idris: Let me ask you a question: Whose idea was this show?
    Sean: So, see that guy right there? In the blue shirt?
    Idris: Yeah.
    Sean: His name's Chris.
    Idris: Chris, right? Can you fight, Chris?

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