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Funny / The Fools' Tournament

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  • Minato doing Tanaka`s commercial.
    • the reaction of the girls when they meet the guys the day after the hotsprings,
    Yukari, expert on sharp frowns! She stabbed Ryoji multiple times trying to prove looks can kill.
    Mitsuru, master of acquiescent askance glances! Looked down so hard on Akihiko that his soul was crushed beyond repair.
    Fuuka, doctor on pitiful looks! She stared at Junpei like he was a puppy killer. His heart was broken from three different angles!
    Hamuko, seductress from hell! Too much trauma the previous night led to horrible dark circles which crept the shit out of everyone.
    Aigis… probably knew Minato was there too, but she said nothing. She was on Ignore Mode.
  • Hamuko's and Minato's sewing batter for Bebe, in which Aigis came out as the winner.

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