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Characters / The Fools' Tournament

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This will be covering only specific character traits covering the characters in the fanfic (mainly Hamuko and Minato). Some traits will overlap with the actual game character traits (since this is a Persona 3 novilization).

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Minato Arisato (AKA Kitaro Shirogane)

A boy who loves to sleep, and if he didn't have Hamuko/Social Links/The Tournament bothering him constantly, he could.

For an "in-universe" picture drawn by the author, here's a link to one of her pics of Minato.

Hamuko Seikatsu (AKA Miki Sanada/Minato's Shadow)
A girl who is motivated by boredom and hunger, she's a bitch but is less bitchy than Yukari, and she just does it for the lulz. A girl with doubtable morality, whose main hobby is making Minato feel awkward.

For an "in-universe" pic from the fic, here's one of Hamuko drawn by the author.

  • Red Is Heroic: Wants to be a hero so bad.
  • Revenge Before Reason: She can get really caught up in her revenge against Minato, he steals a Social Link right out from under her. Well she does tend to act before thinking.


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