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The Fool's Tournament

Hamuko will become the seal
.During the final battle agains against Nyx Hamuko will will realize that she's Minato's shadow because she isn't being pushed down by Nyx's force. and so she'll will go off and try to become The Great Seal.
  • Alternatively, Minato will try to become the seal only for Hamuko to step in his way and do it instead. Because she didn't want him to leave her behind as well.

There will be bonus chapters continuing from the "bad end" bonus chapters
The author will have one or more bonus chapters following the bad end.
It will contain Hamuko walking around the barren wasteland of earth with the shadow remains of Minato, and maybe even Aigis. The chapter(s) will be her reflecting on her decisions and what she would do to make it right again. She will then run into a boy who has no shadow, Souji Seta, and other children. She will find out they were able to survive because they had not developed a shadow yet, so they haven't been turned into one(though once they get older and develop one, they will be met with the fate of becoming a shadow like everyone else). She travels with him and the children and they wind up in what you can assume to be as Inaba. They'll meet Teddie and Izanami. Hamuko will talk to the goddess, who has had her own plans for humanity in mind(and the goddess muses how she wishes she could have seen how her own plan would have worked out.) After a long conversation between Izanami and Hamuko, Izanami will grant Hamuko a second chance to set things right. And she will turn back time, and make it so that the conversation between Minato and Hamuko and Ryoji followed the "normal/not bad ending" chapter that is in the fic. Leading the "bad ending" chapter to being the "vision" that Igor tells Minato that he witnessed.

There will be a sequel to The Fool's Tournament.
The sequel will follow Minato and the events of P4. The events of P4 will take place as usual but with Minato in the mix as well. Minato will arrive at Inaba, seeing if he can find a way to make his way through the 5 stages of grief(and/or the feeling of being left behind, that he is not used to but Hamuko is, for the first time) that he is experiencing because of Hamuko becoming the seal and in doing so dying/being in a coma. He will somehow be dragged into another "Fool's Tournament" against Souji/Yu. His Social links will be a mixture of Souji's and some NPCs(aka, Kanji's mom, Aiya, the Gas Station attendant).
  • Alternatively, if Minato is the one who becomes The Seal, Hamuko will take his place. Instead, she will try to overcome from being "left behind" again. She will try to understand the differences between different kinds of love/friends/relationships with people that she seems to have a hard time understanding (i.e. family like friends vs friends with benefits).
If Hamuko ever met Metis, Teddie, or Labrys
She'd love them. She seems fascinated with Aigis, so her being fascinated with two other robots. She'd probably would be able to connect with Metis and Teddie, consider all three are shadows.
The author will reference the video game Rule of Rose
Considering she's referenced A LOT of other Atlus games, and Little Busters!. It could be possible that she'll reference Rule of Rose.
Hamuko and Akihiko are NOT related, by blood that is
Akihiko is Hamuko's older brother. But not by blood as stated above. Instead he was adopted by his parents best friends after his parents died.
Hamuko and Labry's human "mother" are twins
Also going with the WMG above, Hamuko and Human!Labrys are twins, Hamuko and Akihiko both somehow got separated from their parents, and they both resulted in amnesia. All they could remember was there first name, or close to the real name, and that their last name started with an "S".
Both Minato and Hamuko will be used as the seal.
This way when it's Aigis's Journey, she is able to summon both Orpheus's at the same time. And when Metis appears, she looks like a mixture of Minato and Hamuko (like her blue hair and red eyes, respectively), because those are the two people that gave/helped Aigis emotions. And since Metis is Aigis's shadow/cast off emotions, traces of Minato and Hamuko are found in her appearance.
The P4 sequel to this fic will have twins in a tournament. The twins being Souji Seta and Yu Narukami
After Souji's and Yu's parent's divorce and their parent's (or at least mother's) remarriage when they were young, the twins have been estranged from each other until the events of Inaba.
  • If only Minato or Hamuko become the seal, the other will join in a three way tournament with the twins.
At the end of the fic, Hamuko will be pregnate.
The author did say she still has some surprises. Why not this? Whether Hamuko or Minato or both are the seal, she will be pregnate. If she becomes the seal, she'll be in a coma, and Minato will have to raise it, with the help of the Shirogane Estate. If Minato becomes the seal, he's in the coma and she will have to raise it with the help of the Shirogane Estate. This may or may not also be the reason why they had to take a year or 2 off for school before they start their senior year in Inaba.
  • The child will either be a boy that looks like Minato but with Hamuko's hair and eye color, or a girl who will look like Hamuko with Minato's hair and eye color.
If there is a P4 sequel to TFT, and Minato/Hamuko are in it, their Hermit SL would be Mitsuo.
It would kind of be their equivalent to the Adachi SL, but if they "max it out" before he murder's Morooka, it will only be attempted murder/Morooka will still live, but be in a coma.
While as the seal
, Hamuko/Minato can talk to shadows. It gets boring only being able to talk to Ryoji and Nyx. Metis is the first to visit and becomes a frequent visitor at that. As the P4 casts accepts their shadows, they come and visit as that character is recovering from the TV. The other person who visits is the Persona 1 manga character, Kazuya Todou, Naoya Todou's brother. We find out Kazuya is a lot like Hamuko (being part shadow/human mix). He died when he was younger, and during the events of P1, he was resurrected with the power of Pandora and his brother's Shadow.
The Pierrot/or Emperor arcana Social Link for Minato will be Naoya Todou.
If Kazuya thing is right, it would make sense for Naoya to be a Social Link. If Hamuko is the seal, she's able to talk to Kazuya and relate with him, Minato will be able to relate to Naoya (who, while he's the "creator" to his resurected brother, Minato is the "creator" to Hamuko).
Ms. Torumi is going to make her class give a small speech about what they've learnt over the past year.
Just an idea for a funny moment. We, as the reader, hear a monologue from Hamuko, about the importance of friendship and such. Only to realize that Minato just gave her speech in real life (due to being called on before her). She then says screw it, and gives a speech about how, since the day she's arrived at the school, she's been cockedblocked. HilarityEnsues
Hamuko's bad dream in chapter 14 was probably about....
Pharos/Minato strangling her. Very likely.
Whoever wins the tournament won't have to become the seal/die/be in a coma.
Just guessing.
The tournament will play out like the short story, The Lottery
Unlike the above WMG, whoever wins, BECOMES the seal/dies/goes into a coma.
Someone will quote Pride and Prejudice's "Fools and love."
What? It works with this fic soooo well! (quote below)
He's been a fool, but then so have I.
We are all fools in love.
Minato Didn't really do it with Fuuka.
He just wanted to make Hamuko jealous. Though I think he hurt her instead. He'll probably apologise later and tell her the truth.
The game, Jungian archetype 2, and other media in the fic...
Are all "written" by the Nanjo groupe. For the game mentioned above, he wrote a game about/at least similar to the events to Persona 2. He did change names and such, like Maya Amano might have been changed to Maya "insert last name here" and such.
The person who gave Hamuko her new name was [[spoiler: Maya Amano
Maya was the reporter investigating the accident 10 years ago, she saw Hamuko in the hospital, and asked her some questions. Hamuko took a liking to her cheerful personality, so she ended up emulating it later on in life (along with the messy room too, but that was probably just a twist of fate). Maya gave her the name Hamuko Seikatsu. Seikatsu because it means life. Hamuko, because the kanji for "protagonist" written sideways makes "hamu" in katakana (the reason Hamuko writes her name in katakana), now just add "ko" at the end. Being poetic, Maya gave her the name so it would mean "be the protagonist to your new life" or something like that.
When Hamuko hiccups, it sounds like Hamtaro's signature sound
Much to the teen's chagrin.
The reason Minato and Hamuko act the way they do in the tournament is because...
Of Nyrathrope. He's the voice/urge behind all their problems. It's not really the Dark Hour...completely. He takes their uneasiness and puts it into overdrive. He makes them try to rape and fight each other.
Going with the above post, the one's behind the tournament are Philemon and Nyrathrope
Kind of like the chess matches they've had in the past, aka P1 and P2, they decided to try a "tournament". It's not really Minato or Hamuko who are the ones who will "win or lose" the tournament, but Phil or Nyra. If the Fools are able to finish their Social Links and find meaning in their life, on top of beating Nyx, Phil wins, if not (like in the hypothetical bad ending) Nyra wins.
Alternate theory from above...
Phil and Nyra put a bet on who will win their "tournament", one of them has a bet on Minato, the other on Hamuko.
If there is an "answer", we will....
Learn more from Hamuko's past, maybe even Minato's. But Hamuko's seems a higher candidate because of how secretive she is about it.
The Answer arc will serve as another "tournament"...
One without Social Linkss. It will also be slightly to a lot more different than the game counterpart. One of the Fools they want the other back. Will Aigis make them come to their senses? Or will we get another bad end?
The Arena arc will be similar to The Answer arc...
Sadly, the surviving Fool from the original will participate in yet another tournament. It will follow a different path than the one from the game. Instead it will follow all the characters as they encounter "Shadow Hamuko", who is actually Nyra in disguise. We'll probably will continue to learn about other character's pasts as well.
Hamuko can actually sing...
....when she's not trying to imitate other singers (like Risette or karaoking).
Hamuko trills because...
...she had a bad experience with a past boyfriend? So she's uncomfortable singing with her actual voice around others?
Hamuko can play the violin.
In the game Minato is the one who is suppose to play the violin, while Hamuko plays the piano. So in this fanfic's case, it's switched?
Hamuko acted that way to Minato's "test" in chapter 32 because...
She was testing him herself. She told him she loved him, because she wanted to see how he'd react. Possibly because she wanted to see if he was like every other boy she's been with. Since he reacted to changing the subject, he ended up failing her own "test". In the end, they both failed.
This whole fic is...
Taking place DURING The Answer. Us the audience are actually the SEES members. SEES just wanted to know what was up with The Fools/The Fool (that is remaining) wanted to know where everything went wrong. We switch to The Answer arc after Hamuko/Minato do the Great Seal. They battle Erebus. Then go back to viewing the past or such.
Hamuko is lying about not knowing her first boyfriend's name
It's more like she doesn't want to remember him, he probably hurt her a she lies about saying she doesn't remember his name. Maybe we'll run into him/her other past lovers at one point?
We'll learn A LOT about Hamuko's and Minato's past during The Answer...
Probably short stories of their times in the orphanage. Hamuko's might be a bit more adventurous than Minato's, due to her having the ability to socialize. We'll learn more on how she got "so messed up" and how she wasn't like that in the beginning...probably. Along with what her name is, and her time with Shinji and Akihiko. Minato's we'll learn some things that we didn't think we'd learn. Like why he's such a "good boy" and why he's shut everyone out.
For Shinjiro's past, we'll..
See him in the orphanage with Aki and Miki, and it will be elaborated on.
If Hamuko is The Seal she will...
talk to the Investigation Team's shadows, the night the person accepted it, and she will tell them how she can relate to each and every one of them. So the night Yosuke accepts his shadow, she gives a speech on how she used to be bored all the time as well and how she surrounded herself with lots of people so she wouldn't be lonely, just like him. For Chie, she'll talk about how she knows what it's like to feel inferior and jealous, and that while Chie was that to her best friend, Hamuko was like that to her boyfriend. For Yukiko, she knows what it's like to be trapped and treated like a "princess" (like how every guy wants to act like her older brother or something from the original TFT) and how felt trapped in life and didn't know if she could get anywhere. For Kanji, people not accepting her and judging her from the very start. Rise, how no one sees the real Hamuko or they never tried to get to know her, or how she felt like she couldn't be herself (accept around Minato). Teddie, probably she'll relate to most of all, and their feeling of loneliness and not knowing who/what they truly are. Naoto, how she knows what it's like to feel isolated from society? She'll also be able to talk to Mitsuo and Adachi and maybe even Namatame. Mitsuo she'll say that she's lucky to have met SEES because she felt that if she didn't, she would have continued to feel lonely and empty. Namatame, something about wanting to save people. As for Adachi, she'll agree that she felt "the world was full of shit" at one point as well.
The force that makes Hamuko want to rape Minato from chapter 63 on....
Is Shadow!Kitaro. Pretty likely, especially how she's saying "We have to be together again!"
  • Alternatively, it's death/Nyx. Since it's not whole. This is pretty much confirmed. But both are added to the WMG page just incase of another Wham Episode

If Hamuko and Minato had kids...
They'd name one Yuki and the other Makoto, they're named after Minato's new name for the P3 movie.
Hamuko is so affected by Minato's attempted rape because....
something like this has happened before to her.
With all this foreshadowing...
Hamuko is going to end up with a baby/kid. All the jokes about her being pregnant, that cryptic baby dream "Shi", rubber jokes, the pill and/or morning after pill jokes. She's going to have a baby.

This was not the first Tournament...
The first Tournament didn't actually have Persona users in it, instead it was humans summoning demons. The first Tournament took place at Karukozaka High School, that's right, Shin Megami Tensei: If....'s school. As If.. is a "prototype" version of Persona, their Tournament was the "prototype" version/blueprint to the later Tournaments. The two contestants were fraternal twins, Tamaki Uchida (the girl) and Dachi Uchida (the boy. His name is a placeholder name, absolutely no meaning to name, not real name). In the end, you could say that Tamaki "won", while Dachi, he "lost" and became trapped in the "Makai" world (this would explain why Tamaki appears in the Persona games and not Dachi). This Tournament did not please the Tournament Directors (will now be referred to as T-Ds). One reason was that Tamaki and Dachi, though had different views on life, did not have any sort of blood lust towards each other. The T-Ds thought that's what they needed to drive the Tournament, so for the second one they took extra precautions(such as limit to personas, shadows, ect)....
The Second Tournament: Persona 1...
Though the T-Ds still liked the idea of using twins, after realizing that the Tournament Players needed more than just opposing views, the T-Ds decided to meddle a little bit into the lives of their Players. This is where Naoya comes in. Following the manga, he had a twin(this time identical), though now he is dead. the T-Ds, now wanting to see what they can do, they decide to use Naoya and Kazuya as the Tournament Players (now will be referred to as T-Ps), despite Kazuya being dead. The first thing the T-Ds did, was to observe Naoya, they say the impact his brother's death had on him, in which case Naoya never wanted to mistaken for his brother again. So, he locked away all his feelings and tendencies to act like Kazuya. This led to his shadow becoming almost like Kazuya. Seeing this, the T-Ds saw that they could make something out of it, so, when Naoya participated in the Persona game, they used that time to strike. During that time, they extracted Naoya's shadow from him, and held onto it until the world became overrun by demons. That's when they resurrected Kazuya, they planted Naoya's shadow into him ( you know how Minato's shadow when into Miki's body, let's go with that....) This is where things get different and similar to Hamuko and Kazuya being shadow-human hybrids. Kazuya, unlike Hamuko, is much wilder and much more bloodthirsty towards his "original self". This is because, unlike Hamuko, he is a fully formed shadow given a body, as Hamuko, was a new shadow given a body, but was able to develop its own "self" over time. Which is why Hamuko isn't TOO bloodthirsty around Minato, because she has her own "self" as for Kazuya, he does not. You can also blame the antagonists of P1 (Pandora, Nyarlathotep , Kandori, ect.) for nihilism and bloodthirstiness. Anyways, through out the Tournament, Kazuya keeps trying to interfere with Naoya and his quest. Albeit, Kazuya has a different agenda (like "who is he?" and Kazuya's memories and why he and Naoya look alike) than cooperating with the Tournament. In the end, Kazuya "loses" and he stays in the distorted Town.
T-Ds weren't too pleased with the result of the 2nd Tournament, so they decided to move on...
This is where Tatsuya and Maya come in. The T-Ds thought that they were on the right track with this shadow-human thing (and decided to disregard the twin idea for awhile), but they needed to try it with their T-Ps at a younger age. So they were going to have either Tatsuya's shadow go into Maya's body or Maya's shadow into Tatsuya's body, depending on who died with the fire at the shrine. Though this did not happen, they did not expect Tatsuya to summon his person and save both of them. As Maya was soon transferred away from the city, the T-Ds lost their chance to enact the shadow-human hybrid aspect. Though, they did not give up on the Tournament, and instead waited to see who it would turn out. Surprisingly to them, it became an interesting Tournament, as Tatsuya and Maya showed that they were complete opposites of each other, though lacking blood-lust. The T-Ds were very please when they saw the blood-lust when Tatusya's and Maya's respected shadows came out to play. As the Tournament went on, Nyarlathotep (who may or may not be a T-D) started to meddle with it and make it more exciting. In the end of the Tournament (the end of Innocent Sin I should clear up), BOTH Tatsuya and Maya lose. Instead, they must go through the Tournament again (in Eternal Punishment time). Nyarlathotep keeps trying to stir things up to make Tatsuya and Maya fight, much to no avail. By the end of the (Eternal Punishment) Tournament, Tatsuya and Maya BOTH win. Though their prizes are bitter sweet (*see EP ending)
Still wanting to do the shadow-hybrid thing in their Tournament, the T-Ds turned too...
The 4rd (well technically 5th, if you count the Persona 2 Tournament as two separate ones, which I guess you should) also know as The Fool's Tournament (aka the fic you are/you should be reading). You find out the T-Ds are the ones responsible for everything leading up to their Tournament, from the Kirijo Group explosion, to the sealing on the Moonlight Bridge, to Miki/Hamuko surviving the fire. All set up, so that Kitaro/Minato would have Death sealed inside him, and in an attempt to get rid of it, have him kill Miki/Hamuko. Only for Kitaro's/Minato's own shadow to escape into Miki/Hamuko.....and so it begins.
Skipping P3's The Answer and straight to P4.
Going with a previous WMG above, Souji Seta and Yu Narukami are identical twins (whose parents have divorced and, at least, the mother remarried). The T-Ds wanting to do a Tournament, that involved BOTH twins and the shadow-human hybrid, they turn to these kids. (notes to keep in mind. The T-Ds plan all their Tournaments WAY ahead of time. They are supernatural beings, and they know when each Tournament will happen, as for what the outcome is, they do not know, which is why they have many Tournaments, because they are not sure if they are going to like the outcome. You can also claim time-travel, why not?) Moving on, with Souji and Yu, like Kazuya and Naoya, they are identical twins, they are very similar and very different at the same time (you can say they each lean to one parent's ideals over the others, and that their parents have very much opposing ideals). Anyways, let's just say, Souji and Yu were playing one day, they decided to climb a tree. Suddenly, the tree branch they were on breaks and they fall. Yu lands on the grass and wakes up to see Souji, who landed on a rock. His head is bleeding and he is dead. Yu can't handle this and cries for his brother to wake up, somehow, in doing so, Yu transferred his shadow into Souji, and Souji wakes up. The reason why Souji is the one that "dies" is because, Yu in the anime gets a shadow. Let's just say that he is going to have to, and will, "grow" a new shadow during the Tournament (in addition to regrowing shadows, look at the WMG below this one)
Minato and his shadow
If Hamuko becomes the Seal, Minato is left not knowing what to do. He literally lost his other half. But, there's something different. He has knew opinions on things that he didn't have before meeting Hamuko. This is because he changed. He now has new fears, his fears are of him returning to his former self. Minato will travel to Inaba and join the gang. When they are first confronted by the shadows on their arrival, Minato tries to summon his persona, but can't. Right after the fight, Minato's new Shadow appears. The Shadow taunts him about Hamuko and how he's just going to become a loner again and such. After the Shadow fight and Minato accepts it, the persona he gets is's not his, instead it's Hamuko's (cue Yosuke teasing Minato on how he has a "girly" looking persona). Despite having to face his shadow, Minato is still a Wild Card. The shadow just proves that he is growing as a Fool and as a person.
Possible Tournament Rules
  • 1)The one who doesn't win the Tournament (and is not a Fool) is banished into another realm (most likely filled with demons) until further notice. The one who doesn't win the Tournament (and IS a Fool) must continue competing in Tournaments until s/he wins (this represents The Fool's Journey)
  • 2)There maybe more than one winner
  • 3)If all the contestants lose, they must "retry" again

This old proverb will be used at one point..
(from My Girl Is Not a Slut page) "A man is like a key, a woman is like a lock. A key that can open every lock is a great key, but a lock that can be opened by every key is a worthless lock."-Old proverbYes, more jokes about Hamuko being a slut.

Someone will pun off of Hamuko's name this way.
Someone says "Miki" and it will lead to someone saying it sounds like "Mickey" and then saying they should call her "Mickey Mouse" because she looks so much like a rodent. Cue Hamuko trying to kill that said person.

There will be an Omake series...
Deleted or alternative scenes that the author wanted to have in the fic that she couldn't put in there. Or even jokes that could have fit well into the series, but just didn't make it in there. Why not?

Hamuko's relations to...
Labyrs. Ok, above it says Hamuko is RELATED to Labyrs's human mother thing. In this case Hamuko IS Labrys's human mother thing. Why not? She's already obsessed with treating Aigis like her child.

Miki isn't gone...
Shadow Kitaro didn't completely fill up the hole where Miki's soul use to be, but instead brought the soul back and fused with it.

About Miki/Hamuko..
The author keeps bringing up how she was covered in bandages when she first arrived at the orphanage....and we'll find out why she had those sometime during the fic. So you can say Miki and S!Kitaro are Sharing a Body
Hamuko's friends from Tokyo that she mentions in the earlier chapters are...
Devil Survivor or Devil Survivor 2 characters. Why not? Heck bonus points if Yuzu is related(like a cousin) to Hamuko (they both have red eyes). Or she's friends with Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Again, why not?
Minato and Hamuko...
Will be able to summon Orpheus doing a persona fusion. Like with Thanatos.
Hamuko and Minato won't participate in the next tornament...
instead they will coach the new fool's in the next tournament.
Regarding participants in the Tournament..
Hamuko is suppose to represent the chaos/destructive/bad end side of things, while Minato represents the order/good end side of things. This is (possibly) forshadowed when they are aguring over which ending route to a game was better, Hamuko said chaos and Minato said law. Another note, Hamuko DOES lead to the world to chaos and a bad end, though, only do we see this in the extra bad ending chapter. Now, the thing is, Hamuko and Minato aren't the only participants in the Tournament, there are other's as well. They are there to either keep Hamuko in line on the chaos route, or balance it out. The two other possible participants (whether they know they are in the Tournament or not) are Ikutsuki and Takaya(though Takaya being a better candidate than Ikutsuki). If they are there to keep Hamuko on the chaos route (in which, the most likely have failed, due to the bad end out not actually happening...sort of), Takaya killed her beloved Shinji, and Ikutsuki caused all their problems. Hamuko has not acted very....lawfully you could say when it comes to these two. If they are there to balance out the tournament, well, look at it this way. Hamuko has been changing throughout the whole fic, some/a lot due to Minato's influence. It's possible she ended up going to the lawful side, thus throwing the Tournament out of balance. To balance it back out, Takaya is there to cause some chaos in there life.

Minato's inner flirt...
Was because of Ryoji.

The reason why Ryoji
looks the way he does is because... He was first sealed inside Minato, no matter how long it was, when he was split up, he with with Shadow!Minato into Hamuko's body. Since he and Shadow!Minato are both shadows, he gained his personality. And since they are both Minato, Ryoji gained his appearance and voice. Which is why Ryoji looks like Minato, but has Hamuko's personality, because Hamuko is technically Shadow!Minato.

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Tournament....
Regarding the possibilities to other Tournaments in WMGs above, after Persona 2 Innocent Sin, everyone wanted Maya back. Philemon said that he can bring her back. What they didn't realize was that in doing so, Philemon would have to put Tatsuya's shadow into Maya's body (similar to how Minato but his shadow inside Hamuko's body). Since Tatsuya and Maya are exact opposites, no one is none the wiser. This would explain why Shadow!Tatsuya never appears in the Eternal Punishment world, and why Nyarlathotep took Tatsuya's form. Not only to taunt Maya, but to taunt Tatsuya that he doesn't have a shadow anymore. And, this could explain why Tatsuya is even more moody, not only because he can't talk to his friends and all the crap that happened in the Innocent Sin world, but that he's missing a part of him.

Minato will become the seal because....
Of this parallel. Minato is Jesus and Hamuko is Mary Magdalene. Because Minato is male, so is Jesus, and Minato was able to summon Messiah by himself(when he saved Hamuko). Minato is always "saving" someone. Mary Magdalene was apparently a prostitute , Hamuko has apparently had a lot of sex. Jesus and Mary apparently were lovers/husband and wife. Minato and Hamuko are lovers and as of Maiko kinda husband and wife.

Guessing possible names for the sequel..
If The Answer ending is not part of the original fic, here's some possible names: The Festival's Tournament (keeps with the TFT theme, and alludes to the FES game's name's meaning), Another Fool's Tournament (keeps the "fool" in there), The Fool's Tournament Again (keeps both TFT, but adds an "A" at the end, and keeps "fool" in there).

For Persona 4: Another Fool's Tournament (why not use it...along with), The Fool's Touranment....Again("...." can be in there or not), now for some original ones, The Golden Tournament (alludes to the Vita version), The Fog Tournament (keeps TFT and alludes to the fog in the game), The Murder Tournament (well a murder does happen), The Shadow Tournament (because of the shadow selves?), The Mayonaka Tournament or The Midnight Tournament, or The Midnight Channel Tournament.

For Persona 4 Arena: Repeats first: The Mayonaka Tournament or The Midnight Tournament, or The Midnight Channel Tournament. Now more orignial ones: The Tournament Tournament (surely to tick off Hamuko), The Arena Tournament (possible could still make Hamuko mad), The Fighting Tournament (TFT is still kept, and at the same time makes Hamuko mad), The Jersey Tournament (...cause of Labrys's Jersey accent?), The Labyrinth Tournament, The New Fool's Tournament (alluding to Elizabeth, and possibly Theodore, getting the Fool Arcana), The Ultimate Tournament (alluding to the Japanese version's title).

Depending on who doesn't become the seal....
They will appear in the Persona 4 fanfic, but will not participate (and if Yu and Souji are separate characters and both are participating). If Minato is the one to survive, he will be an alt (Emperor) Social Link for either Yu or Souji (like Hamuko had Rio and Minato had Kazushi). Same goes if Hamuko is the one who survives, she will be an alt Moon Social Link.

Neither will become the seal.note 
Instead, Shadow!Kitaro,who is in Hamuko, will sacrifice himself and become the seal.
  • Then I guess Miki goes back into Hamuko's body if she isn't still in there already?
Miki Sanada is NOT Hamuko's real name: It's Minako. Just another way to get the other name she's known as into the fic. As for reasons why, maybe her and Minato's parents were best friends? And Minato always heard about this girl Minako (who he never got to meet, maybe because he or her were always sick?). So, like, after the accident, when asked what his name was, all he could remember was the name "Minako". Though, thinking it couldn't be his name because it sounded too girly (maybe this is where he gets his small girl complex from?) he changed it to "Minato", and the government I guess gave him a last name, and that's why his name rhythms. As for why Hamuko has so many names, the girl constantly looses her she ends up with a new name each time.
  • Alternatively, it's Makoto Yuki.

[[spoiler: List of possible candidates in the Velvet room/Desert of Doors, as of chapter 97
Shadow!Kitaro, one of the past persona characters (i.e. P1/P2), Shinjiro, alternate timeline of P3?

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