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Minato:"So I'm a ladykiller now?"
Hamuko:"I'm a lady; you tried to kill me."
—Hamuko and Minato's banter at the end of chapter 15

Mitsuru:"You exploited the enemy's weakness!"
Fools:"No shit, Sherlock."
—funny snip from chapter 17.

"She knew as much about how love worked as she knew about nuclear physics –and that came to be nothing at all. The way media described love sounded just like her concept of friendship, so, apparently, she loved everyone she met –with a bigger or smaller degree of Platonism, of course."
'''Hamuko's description on love in chapter 18.

"I don't remember half of my sober life. You'll have to elaborate a bit on a drunk night."
'''Hamuko's response to Minato's question about her remembering the night at the club.

Hamuko: "As I said, I don't want anything to change between us; I'm not a cutie girlfriend, don't you know? You can go around with anyone, get a real 'girlfriend' or do whatever you want -that's just what I'll do- and I swear I'll never get mad and I'll always be there for you… For as long as I'm the one who gets to spend most time with you.You do that, I'll do the same. You don't do that… I'll still do it. I'm sure you were aware of this before you 'tripped' yesterday."
Hamuko's and Minato's conversation in the beginning of chapter 26.

There's no better alarm clock than a frightened scream at 6 am.
Description from chapter 35.

Hamuko: "Yanno what? I think men're like teddy bears…Yar like… Different… 'Cause yar a deadly-katana-wielding-emo teddy bear! That'sh shoooo hot… But kinda scary too. Yar not gonna kill me, riiiight?"
Hamuko describing men vs Minato(the emo teddy bear) in chapter 35.

Minato: "…Do you even listen to the music you buy?"
Hamuko:"The world is too interesting fo-. Is that Risette's new album?"
'''chapter 38, Hamuko the Risette fan.

"Well, I wanted a puppy, not a wolf."
Hamuko's thoughts, chapter 38.

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