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Heartwarming / The Fools' Tournament

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  • Minato finally apologizing to Yuko.
  • This Troper was in tears with Hamuko and Minato's talk in chapter 92. Mainly starting from where Hamuko says how she thought of jumping off the bridge to Hamuko saying "my love" and Minato saying "my life".
  • Just try to name the amount of times Minato has saved Hamuko!
    • When she gets stabbed by that shadow in chapter 5, and got Yukari to finally summon her persona to heal her.
      • Above is double the heart warmth, cause Yukari got involved too.
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    • When she falls off of Tartarus after pushing Ikutsuki off.
    • Stopping the train in chapter 12.
  • Hamuko telling Minato to trust her in chapter 16 against The Crying Tables. In the end, she thanked him for believing in her, and he thanked her for saving him, to top it off they hugged.
    Hamuko"Minato, have some goddamn faith in me!"
  • In chapter 29, Where Hamuko talks about her past and Minato comforts her, then the make out, then she tells him that he's the first and only person who has never made her feel alone.

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