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Funny / The Black Ring

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  • During his visit to the Joker, Joker opens the conversation with a joke mocking Luthor's own obsession with Superman.
    Joker: You know what? I think If I can kill Batman I'll save the world!
    Luthor: Interesting, a delusion akin to my own certainty that (gets the "joke") oh.
    • Furious, he slams Joker against the wall and threatens to kill him. What does Joker say in response?
      Joker: "The Bat would come after you."
      • Immediately, Lex backs off, hands raised in a paranoid expression.
  • Lex's expression when he realizes at last that Superman is Clark Kent. Even when faced with absolutely incontrovertible evidence he can barely bring himself to believe it, and he is completely speechless.
  • Lex tries to bribe Death.
    Lex: What would it take for you to change this? What do you need?
    Death: A pony. A magic pony. A magic pony who sings.
    Lex: you mean...literally? Is that some kind of creature that—?
    Death: Sorry, I was joking.
    • The conversation about how cheap Death seems, especially with how recent Blackest Night was. She just shrugs it off because all the zombies looked like they were having fun and resurrections happen, but eventually all deaths are or become permanent and Death has all the time in the world to wait it out.
  • The morbidity of Death talking to a person recently deceased from a ski-related neck injury, who's utterly blissed out from Lex's powers. She's happy for her first ever break and he's just happy. Also they haven't been properly introduced yet.
  • Luthor's employee Spalding, even when warning his boss about an attack, is polite and courteous.
    "Sir if I may be so bold - - LOOK OUT - - sir!"