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Nightmare Fuel / The Black Ring

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  • Luthor having a former employee killed in front of his family for striking him after firing the employee for disagreeing with Luthor's plans for the Black Spheres. To Luthor, for a second the employee made him feel helpless and for that he had to die. It's terrifying to see how easily Luthor can have someone killed without repercussions if he so chooses.
  • A toddler-sized Mister Mind introduces himself by exploding himself out of the head of an assassin sent to take Luthor hostage, still covered in the man's blood and brains.
  • Watching Grodd devour the brains of one of his victims.
  • Luthor tearing off the face of his personal Lois robot whenever he needs to make adjustments to her programming. It's disturbing to watch especially since Luthor also uses it as a sexual lover.