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Funny / The Benny Hill Show

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  • Once Benny and two other guys are sitting on a park bench. A gorgeous lass brimming over with physical charm shows up and takes one of the guys behind a nearby bush. They lie back, he kicks once or twice, and she leaves him. She takes the second guy, wash rinse repeat and then goes for an obviously gleeful Benny. She takes him behind the bush, lays him down, and then smiles to reveal gleaming fangs.
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  • The Police Raid In Waterloo Station. All of it, in its Stylistic Suck glory.
  • This exchange, with Benny playing a young actor being interviewed and discussing his "wild life" on a talk show entitled The Grass Is Greener:
    "Mervin": After the show every night, we'd go into the Queen's Arms there. Many's the night I've downed as many as seven pints of shandy straight off.
    Interviewer: You lived life with a big "L."
    "Mervin": And sometimes I suffered pain....with a big "P."
    [Benny comes within a hair's breadth of corpsing.]

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