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Funny / The BOSS: A Jacksepticeye Fan Game

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Well it is a Jacksepticeye fan game.

  • Jack's in game reaction to Undyne and Papyrus arriving at his house.
  • And later Jack's reaction to Sans setting up shop in his bathroom and telling him now he can focus on his adventures with out making editing mistakes.
    Jack: I am never going to live that down, am I?
    • And a meta example, the real life Jacksepticeye's reaction.
  • Jack's immediate reaction upon seeing Billy. To start beating him up.
  • Jack's reaction to the face Evie is censoring him because he is around Billy.
    Jack: I can't fracturing swear in my own computer??
  • Jack's fight with Felix, which is basically a roast off.
    • And the real life Jacksepticeye's reaction is pretty good too.
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  • Jack's reaction to the fact the Evie's censoring doesn't work on Billy.
    Jack: ...Fructose you, Billy.
    Billy: That's so sweet of you, Jack!

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