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  • Ash meets a trainer from Pallet town, who just ran into Misty's sisters and was covered in ice and water. Since she had almost died around there (without telling them she was okay) they were systematically demolishing the trainers from there as a means of taking out their frustration until he showed up. He pities Ash, knowing what was coming and not the fact that Ash lucked out because he was the one who saved her.
    Arceus have m-m-m-mercy on your soul.
    • For context, this is what a Ghastly says as it terrifies Misty and Brock to drive them away. Since Ash speaks pokemon he just introduced himself.
  • Chapter 17 has badass Lt.Surge and Brock running with Ash being carried by them after they ruined Misty's hair.
  • Misty and Brock spend the better part of Chapter 33 trying to make Psyduck over. Including trying to groom its insanely stubborn (three) hair(s). Psyduck then casually slicks them back like it's no problem, making Misty Freak Out in response.
  • Chapter 39 introduces Pikachu to the concept of Ketchup. He's addicted to it right away.

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