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Magikarp evolution
Magikarp don't snap and go berserk when they evolve, they evolve because they snap, and then go berserk. And this will happen with Ash's.
Ash's Aura abilities
Ghetis wants something with Ash's Aura powers and is the reason he attacked that night.
  • This could explain why Poison Lance wants him hidden, even after so many years. They are still looking for him.
Is highly unlikely that Poison Lance left him go with absolutely no form to protect himself despite knowing about his abilities (and even more if he didn't), so maybe Ash was actually taught how to use them, but they were too strong (or something along those lines) and the memories of his training had to be locked away by Pocket Watch.
  • He was taught, only to prevent him from using them by mistake; he forgot the method of use them actively, but retains the experience of how to hold them back along with a vague feeling that he has to.
    • Even with this measures his powers are still so strong that they can activate (if only partially) in a moment of strong emotion; he'll remember properly only when he needs them the most.
Or alternately, his blue glowing eyes won't lead to anything.


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