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  • The ABB targets one of the Reapers. The Reapers decide to give their territory a new paint job.
  • Mixed with heartwarming, but Panacea painting when she learns that the Reapers painted a hospital with a beautiful scene as thanks for all her work healing people, including a Reaper.
  • Gangsta's shameless pop-culture refference right as she's facing Lung... and Hip and Hop dealing with Armsmaster shortly afterwards.
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  • The combined forces of the Heroes, Villains and Reapers have finally defeated Lung. When the Heroes ask how they can repay the Reapers, they ask for some credits at the press conference. One Gilligan Cut later...
    TV: Our city has, in recent times, suffered a heinous rash of crimes, courtesy of the Azn Bad Boys, which were incited by the actions of the Reapers.” Piggot said as she stared unflinchingly into the sea of reporters before her, firmly ignoring the clearly uncomfortable heroes standing behind her. “However, thanks to the valiant actions of the members of the Parahuman Response Team and the heroes of the Protectorate, the villains known as Lung and Bakuda were successfully apprehended, and are enroute to their incarceration in the Baumann Correctional Facility as we speak. Despite the inflammatory actions of other local villains last night-
    *Gangsta and several Reapers riddle the TV with paintballs*
    Gangsta: No good fat-ass ungrateful-RELOAD!
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  • Sonata 11.
    Aegis: "Sorry, sir. I’d take full responsibility, but I’m resilient, not suicidal."
  • Sonata 11 sneaks another one in.
    Aegis: "Director Piggot, I swear to you, I in no way, shape or form condone the actions that Clockblocker has taken!"
    Armsmaster pointedly chose to ignore the flashing words his visor was displaying.
  • Sonata 13. During the Reapers' party, Kid Win gets tackled by a drunken Rune. Who decides that he's cute. And then Krieg shows up to act as chaperone.
  • Just before Leviathan arrives, Kaiser makes the horrifying discovery that Skidmark has gone cold turkey.
    Miss Militia nodded numbly. “Skidmark... clean... at an Endbringer fight...” She slowly raised a hand. “You might be a racist ass, Kaiser, but it was nice knowing you.”
    Kaiser nodded solemnly and shook her hand. “And you as well, Miss Militia. Here’s to dying a good, honorable death.”
    “I’d prefer to stay alive, but I appreciate the sentiment.”
    "You shitstains realize you’re like ten feet away from me, right!?”
    “Shut up, Skidmark.”


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