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Awesome / Symbiosis

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  • Despite his species's speed deficiency, Mareep ran from a pack of Houndooms and Growlithes to protect a toddler Ash by sheer force of will.
  • Poison Lance's Big Damn Heroes, attacking with Poison Pin Missile and following up with a Signal Beam so strong, he got mistaken for Genesect.
  • Ash's application of physics in a battle against a crazed Fearow, helps Pikachu form Lightning Bolt.
  • Misty and Brock in the Battle for the Pokémon Village. Ash himself for coming in with a plan to ensure that everyone lived after some Rockets slipped past their guard.
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  • Psyduck saving Misty's life in chapter 22 by deflecting a Super-Psybeam fired from a Kadabra, Mr. Mime, and Alakazam by using the headache to power his own abilities. Even better, he used that opportunity to connect with Sabrina's mind and locate the relay station being used to control her. To quote Sabrina:
    Sabrina: Well, that was unexpected.
  • Geodude goes toe-to-toe with an Aerodactyl in Chapter 39 and finishes it with a Fastball Special by Onix. Then Brock catches it.
  • Any and all competent trainers in this fic’s universe are so by necessity of what they usually wind up getting involved with.

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