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  • Gangsta punching Chicago when he suggests they run from Lung and his ABB thugs.
  • The first fight between the Reapers and the ABB. Harmless lowlives? Not so much...
  • Gangsta's Rousing Speech in Sonata 5. Armsmaster thought the Reapers would never rise to the challenge. They did.
    • This little piece of dialogue at the end of the chapter:
    Armsmaster: Assault, where do you think you're going?
    Assault: Out on patrol.
    Armsmaster: Why?
    Assault: To make them liars.
  • The party in Sonata 11-12-13, especially the Composer's speech that introduces it. Take That!, Piggot!
  • In Allegro 6, Leviathan is on his way and the Reapers have assembled to join the fight. Bambina takes offence to the idea that 'worthless normals' haved dared to show up to a parahumans only event. Cue Skidmark of all beings marching over and verbally ripping her apart in their defense.

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