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Funny / Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation

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  • Superman, Batman and Green Lantern visit Paradise Island. The Amazon Queen requests some time alone with the Lantern, leading to the next exchange:
    Superman: How was I supposed to know?
    Batman: Be glad it wasn’t you. She might have wanted to reenact history.
    Superman: I notice you didn’t offer yourself.
    Batman: Well, someone has to play chaperone.
    Superman: What do you think they normally do?
    Batman: I can make a few deductions.
    Superman: Not hard to deduce at all. Wonder how they reproduce.
    Batman: Perhaps by cloning. Or they might not have to. If they’re immortal.
    Superman: Long-lived, yes. Immortal, I doubt it. I don’t see the first Wonder Woman anywhere around. Or Steve Trevor, for that matter. How long do you think this is going to take?
    Batman: My scientific investigations haven’t, as yet, included the reproductive practices of Rannians.
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  • In spite of her reluctance to talk to Sybilla, Katherine approaches to her to warn her about Adam. Why?
    Supergirl: It’s not that I give that much of a mulchrat’s ass about you. But my conscience won’t bother me if I download here and now.