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Awesome / Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation

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  • Alan Kent takes down Muto, a powerful psychich and his father's arch-enemy, in less than five minutes.
  • Sybilla Kent beats Kath to a pulp. Then she's stupid enough to pick a fight with Lorile, who was dying to pay her back for Kath's bruises. Lorile lays an epic beatdown:
    "This doesn’t have to go any further," Lori said, "unless you want it to."
    Beams of hate as hot as heat-vision went from Sy’s eyes to Lori’s as she lay there, gasping, on the floor. But she didn’t say anything.
    "I have no doubt that my brother is coming back here soon," continued Lori. "If he has a problem with it, he can come to me. I hope he does. In the future, I intend to come over and have some conversations with you. They’ll be our little secret. Correct?"
    Pause. "Correct?"
    Sy, laboring for breath, finally managed a "Yes."
    "Good. One more thing, Sy. Kath de Ka’an is a lot more my friend than you are. If I ever hear you’ve given her any more trouble, you can consider me her advocate. And I advocate very, very well. And if you have any ideas about hurting Alan... forget them. Is that clear?"
    Is that clear?"
    Sullenly, Sy nodded.
    "You put one of the Family in medical care. Rao only knows what it’s going to do to her emotionally. I don’t like that, and I don’t like you. But I won’t throw down on you again. Unless I have to. That’s all." She took her foot off Sy’s ankle. Then, flying deftly to the ceiling, she used her heat-vision and hands to repair the dent Sy’s head had made in it. She returned to the floor, and faced Sy once more.
    "My brother may have spy devices recording this. I could care less. If he has a problem with it, he’s to come to me, and me alone. That’s final."
    With that, Lorile Kent went to the door and let herself out.
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  • Afterwards Kath takes martial arts lessons and makes up your mind on claiming the Supergirl legacy because Alan, their family and the world need the Girl of Steel.


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