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Quotes / Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation

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Superman: How was I supposed to know?
Batman: Be glad it wasn’t you. She might have wanted to reenact history.
Superman: I notice you didn’t offer yourself.
Batman: Well, someone has to play chaperone.
Superman: What do you think they normally do?
Batman: I can make a few deductions.
Superman: Not hard to deduce at all. Wonder how they reproduce.
Batman: Perhaps by cloning. Or they might not have to. If they’re immortal.
Superman: Long-lived, yes. Immortal, I doubt it. I don’t see the first Wonder Woman anywhere around. Or Steve Trevor, for that matter. How long do you think this is going to take?
Batman: My scientific investigations haven’t, as yet, included the reproductive practices of Rannians.

Lorile: The fight sounded so boring I had to listen to the description twice. I would thank you for that, but I can’t care.
Alan: (deadpan) I don’t care whether you thank me or not, Lori. As long as you don’t get hurt.
Lorile: (regarding him closely) I’ll make a Slug of you yet.
Alan: I should care?
Lorile: (approvingly) We’re halfway there.

Alan: Kath. Oh, Kath. Don’t tell me you’re going to...
Kath: I’ve already done it. Call me Supergirl.
Alan: Do you have any idea what you’re getting into, woman?
Kath: I do. For a couple of weeks, I’ve gotten into it. Surely you’ve heard the rumors.
Alan: Rumors, yeah. Facts, no. There’s always plenty of rumors.
Kath: I want to learn from you, Alan. Your father trained you as the Superman. I know a lot. Maybe in certain areas I’m ahead of you. But I could know a lot more.
Alan: You really are an astonishing woman.
Kath: I’ve planned it that way.


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