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It's Inspired by Super Robot Wars, therefore, Awesome Moments are required by law.

  • Anubis is bringing his fleet to Earth to conquer it, and makes his ultimatum to the President of the United States. Unfortunately for him, this fic is Super Robot Wars expanded beyond Humongous Mecha, and the sitting Commander-in-Chief is none other than David Xanatos:
    Anubis: "I am Anubis,"
    Xanatos "Sure you are."
    Anubis: "Are you the leader of this world?"
    Xanatos: "For all intents and purposes, let us talk as though I were."
    Anubis: "Your leadership has come to an end. Bow before your God, and I may grant you leniency."
    Xanatos (mentally removing plan b from consideration): "I'm a self-made billionaire who now leads the most powerful nation on the planet. Do you honestly think I'd accept handouts or being ranked second best?"
    Anubis: "If you possessed weapons matching mine, you would have used them."
    Xanatos: "Despite our image, we know the meaning of restraint and patience."
    Anubis: "You will bring destruction upon yourselves."
    Xanatos: "In the last hundred years, we've been faced with 30 invasions like yours. What makes you think that yours will fare any differently from theirs?"
    (Anubis' Hologram fades. Xanatos turns to Owen, who raises an eyebrow)
    Xanatos: "Still, not as large of a ham as Sevarius."
    • After that, the Battle of the Antarctic begins, much like the series. Except SG-1 also has Nanoha Takamachi and Wonder Woman in her invisible Jet (a Puddle Jumper. When the Prometheus shows up, it brings Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo G, and Tetsujin-28 along for the ride. With Gamera bringing up the rear. When Anubis' forces start bombarding the battlefield from orbit, Jack unleashes the base's ultimate weapon: Not the swarm of drones, but the RahXephon.
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    • The Prometheus, Ashura, and Gotengo hold the line against 300 Dinozaur. Only eight reach Earth, and three of those are missing their heads.
    • Supergirl, a.k.a. Eiko Megami makes a grand entrance in the battle in Chicago, Nono-style!
      • Then Nanoha ends the battle with the Mother Of All Starlight Breakers.


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