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Funny / Supah Ninjas

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  • Some of Yamato's snarking was hilarious:
    Yamato: You guys stink worse than my cousin, the garbage disposal.
  • Mike's attempt at a high five with 'Holo-gramps' ends up smacking Owen in the face.
  • In "DJ Elephant Man", during the battle with Leslie and his backup dancers:
    • "You're about to get schooled... in school!" So corny, yet funny.
    • Mike remarks that the henchwomen are fighting in tune with the music.
    • The two henchwomen actually end up accidentally knocking each other out when Amanda and Mike dodge one of their assaults. Amanda's and Mike's reaction is priceless. Even they have trouble admitting that this just happened.
    Mike: "Did they just knock each other out?"
    Amanda: "Let's not tell Owen..."
    Mike: "Deal!"

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