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  • On one mission, you can dose the members of the landing party with laughing gas...including Spock. He'll spend the rest of the mission randomly yelling stuff like, "who gave me this lousy haircut?!"
  • McCoy has the best lines for doing insane things. There's one situation where you have to pick up a snake without it slithering back into its burrow. McCoy is the only one who won't do it.
    McCoy: It's a damn snake! I'm not picking it up!
    McCoy: [If you try to make him look inside the snake's burrow] I'm not sticking my hand in there!
    McCoy: [If you have captured the snake and have it highlighted and click on McCoy with it] Get that thing away from me!
    • If you click on Kirk with the snake after capturing it, the narrator informs you that the snake enjoys biting your hand.
  • Mission 4:
    • The mission has you dealing with Harry Mudd again, and Kirk is not happy. At all.
    • Then in the epilogue, one officer mentions they made sure Harry will meet up with his wife again soon.

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