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  • After arriving in the capital, Taikobou yearns to eat something, but has no money to buy food. Upon seeing Suupuushan eat the grass by the side of the road, he grabs fistfulls of it and eats it as well, much to Suupuu's dismay. Unsurprisingly, he gets a terrible stomachache and Suupuushan has to fly him to the closest village, where they find a man who gives them medicine. Taikobou however, refuses to take it because he does not like bitter medicine. Suupuushan has a fit and begins pouring the pills down Taikobou's throat.
    Suupuushan: You're 72 years old!
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  • Taikobou getting a perm and Suupuushan getting Princess Curls after being hit by Raishinshi's lightning attack. They look so ridiculous that Raishinshi cannot bring himself to fight them anymore.
  • The cooking competition between Kou Hiko and Kyuukatsu.
  • The faces Taikobou and Suupuushan make after being hit with Tou Sengyoku's paopei, whose special property is to make anyone who gets hit by it look like they've put too much makeup on. Youzen refuses to fight her because he doesn't want to be seen with such a ridicolous face by the fangirls.
  • Ki Hatsu's womanizing antics are hilarious, especially his tendency to tackle beautiful women.
    Ki Hatsu: Purin-chaaaan!
  • Taikobou showing up for his duel with Tou Sengyoku dressed up as a huge, slobbering penguin.
  • Chou Komei's sisters and Taikobou's reaction to them. They think they're the hottest thing ever despite being an extemely masculine-looking woman in a nurse uniform, a short witch-like hag and a colossal tub of lard with Gag Lips. Taikoubou first begs someone else to take his place, then downright pukes blood when they do a sexy pose.
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  • Chou Komei's real form: a colossal, ever-expanding giant flower... with Chou Komei's eyes and mouth superimposed on the petals. Cue to Sengyoku having a breakdown.
    "HE'S TOO CREEPY!!!!"
  • Certain panels in Fukki's final battle with Jyoka are drawn in a surprisingly funny way.
  • Fukki forgetting to bring his weapon in the fight with Jyoka. The moment Nentou Doujin, Koushu and Youzen realize Fukki's weapon is with them (contrary to what they believed) is also amusing.
    Fukki: "Uh... by the way... since we're the last two members of our race you will let me go, right?"
    Joka: (deadpan) "Not a chance." (unleashes her Paopei on him).

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