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  • His sarcastic advice for the viewers to live in fear of Evil Otto from the Atari game Berzerk. For those who don't know, he's a bouncing purple ball with a face.
    • In the very first episode (which also gave us the above example), which was on deaths by video games, Dyke says that Peter Burkowski hit the top 10 list on Berzerk multiple times in just 15 minutes. Dyke says that this is "a feat that is surely to impress next to no woman ever."
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  • In the same episode, when he discusses Diablo III and the "diabolical" success of Diablo II, there's a quick shot of him winking at the camera.
    • Him blaming the deaths by video games on the Taiwanese Internet cafes that they occurred in and not the games themselves.
  • When Dyke first brings up the topic of an old woman dying from Grand Theft Auto, he states that the woman wasn't actually playing. Cut to the next shot where he says "AS AWESOME AS THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN." while maintaining his Kubrick Stare and deathly stern voice.
    • "Marie Smothers of Slaughter, LA — really? Smothers in Slaughter? Are ya kidding me?"
  • Rob's reaction to the (in)famous death of Henry Ziegland, who walked out on his suicidal girlfriend, was shot at by her brother only for the bullet to be lodged into a tree, then was shot through the head by that same bullet years later when he blew up the tree with dynamite.
    Rob Dyke: It would be years later before Henry, for some foolish reason, decided to cut down that old tree. However, he experienced great difficulty in doing this. Perhaps Henry should have broken up with the tree, then maybe it would have cut itself.
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  • Joao Maria de Souza's bizarre death at the hands of a cow who decided to jump on top of his house's roof and crush Souza's legs is so bizarre that it just seems hilarious. The fact that he died in a surgical mishap after being placed in a medically induced coma, but that his last words before going under were a series of jokes makes the whole sequence surprisingly funny. Rob's description about the cow wanting to live free and away from humans adds a humorous subplot to it as well.
  • The entire episode on animals who got arrested is so bizarre that it ends up being funny.
  • Rob usually starts videos with a brief introduction to the topic at hand, but in "5 Terribly Disturbing Tinder Dates", he just says, "Tinder. Do I really need to say any more?" before the intro rolls.
  • Everything about Why Would You Put That On The Internet.

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