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  • When Mrs. Waterman jumps on Cathy and starts choking her, demanding to know where Emery is, Nick comes up to the both of them with a flashlight and we get this:
    Nick: (totally calm and unfazed) Beg your pardon, but would you mind awfully letting her go?
    • Then, after Cathy chastises him for smacking Mrs. Waterman over the head with a pool ball, he arches an eyebrow and says "You really are a good Christian woman, aren't you?"
  • Emery's response when the ghoul-versions of Deanna and Pam try to seduce him.
    Emery: I'm hard up, but I'm not quite that desperate.
    • Also the scene early on where some ghosts try to warn him not to go to Rose Red, and his reply is a world-weary "Tell it to someone who's not broke."
  • Nick's casual humor when he and Cathy find a rat.
    Cathy: What is it?
    Nick: The reincarnation of Emery's mother.
    • And before that, Nick being scared out of his wits when he first sees the rat.
  • The fact that the Evil Haunted House, instead of being off on some desolate and blasted heath, is instead perched on a hill directly above a multi-lane freeway.
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  • When Steve tells the story of Douglas Posey, he reveals that family legend claimed he "had a thing for cowboys."
    Nick: He liked...chaps in chaps? Was he into roping...or branding?
    Steve (smirking): A bit of both.


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