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  • Darlene's reaction to Geena's telling her "you'd better make a reservation in Hell" for her non-Christian beliefs;
    Darlene: Reservations? We've already got a cabana!
  • When Darlene and Becky are going over the large bills their parents owe, Becky says they should just tell them that Roseanne just died, Darlene however mentioned that Roseanne already tried that trick numerous times. Becky just figured they can truly sell it this time.
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  • Dan helping Mark choose a seat buddy (in a manner rather reminiscent of helping someone choose a romantic interest — it's heavily implied Mark has a crush on the two boys). He's rather annoyed that he picks the sarcastic brooder over the money-having, yearly Florida vacationer. (On the flip side, Darlene's delighted.)
  • Becky leaves Darlene to sort out bills pertaining to their mother's death, and the two of them get into an argument. Becky leaves to go to work, but sheepishly comes back in a few minutes later...
    Becky: I thought about what I said and I realized it was insulting and dismissive. I see that now because I need a ride to work.
  • When Bev laments how tragic it is for a parent to outlive their child, Jackie swoops in for some comic relief:
    Jackie: Mom, you're 92. You're gonna see all of us die, and then you're gonna get buried by a robot.
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  • After her thrupple dissolves, Jackie develops a reputation around town. Drawing the attention of a very familiar looking caller and his wife. She's not interested.
    Ozzy *Points at Darlene* What about the boy?

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