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  • The Running Gag of just how identical Luke and Asch look, paired with their repeated use of Twin Switch.
  • The first introduction to the Twin Switch that Asch and Luke do, which is to get back at Tear for some thoughtlessly cruel statements she has been making. Tear is, to say the least, embarrassed. And Anise, who proclaimed Love at First Sight towards Asch is dismayed to find that she was actually clinging to Luke. Jade, meanwhile, is smug at having figured things out and amused at everyone's reaction.
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  • For reasons that make sense in universe, Asch has Mieu get a wet cloth for him. He eventually hears a strange sound and goes to investigate and...
    The source of the sound was the little cheagle as he fought to get the cloth up the stairs. He had soaked the cloth with water and it was too heavy for him to bounce back up the stairs with, so instead he would toss the cloth up to the next step, then jump up himself and repeat the process.
  • Jade's various "reasons" as to how he can tell if it's Asch or Luke despite their identical looks and Twin Switch tendencies.
  • The first "battle" with Dist. First, everyone ignores him. Then when his machine shows up, first it gets in his way followed quickly by Guy putting his fon machine geek skills into use by finding and removing the power source. Which he throws away. And while that was going on, Luke had wandered behind Dist and takes a "glowing stone" from his chair, causing it to crash to the ground. Then he tosses it to Asch, who soon passes it to Jade who (feeling proud of the twins' little mischievousness coming into play) gives it to Luke. They play keep-away until Dist storms off, ranting about his revenge journal. Once he pulls it out of the wreckage of his previously floating chair...he turns to find everyone gone.
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  • Remember how in canon there is the optional sidequest to go to the Keterburg Spa to get swim suits for the party? Except Jade, because whatever Peony gave him he refuses to wear and instead shows up in a bathrobe. Well, not here; here Luke and Asch manage to force him to wear it out of lack of other options and the result...
    Jade stepped out into the spa and as he did several minds simply shut off at the sight. Anise burst into a fit of laughter with Asch and Luke not far behind her. Guy chose the safe route and got out of the line of fire and Tear decided that wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

    Oh they were dead. Luke knew that look in Jade's eyes and they were both dead… but it was so worth it! His bathing suit was skin tight too! The things you don't notice just from glancing at it in a box. Asch was in an equal level of hysterics and even Ion was trying his hardest not to laugh. First and foremost it looked like something Dist would wear. That alone was more than plenty, but it got so much better. Peony had obviously had it made out of his great-grandmother's curtains because the pattern consisted of a large number of pink flowers against a navy spandex material. There were large pink frills sewn down both sides and that lined the bottom about halfway between his waist and his knee.
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  • Once everyone finds out about the Twin Telepathy Asch and Luke have, the term "convenient communications network" shows up thanks to Jade's explanation. Anise promptly shortens it to CCN.
  • Asch's reaction to Luke and Tear finally getting together? Pranking Tear by making her think he's definitely not approving of the relationship. For added hilarity Tear only realizes that's why she's getting interrogated after Asch point blank tells her and he decides to get at the eavesdropping Anise and Natalia by pretending to seduce Tear.

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