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Funny / Reflections Lost on a Dark Road

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  • The ending email to Jinx from Ranma is hilarious.
  • Cyborg’s initial experience with the X-Comverse due to his surprise at competent the police of that were as well as with how furiously they pursued him over something as simple as a satellite hijacking. All of it ultimately ending with an implausible deniability.
    Cyborg: I - uh ... don't suppose that you'll believe me when I say 'This isn't what it looks like'?
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  • Do to the not so different nature between jinx situation with the titans and ranma’s situation with ryoga Raven effectively went to ranma to get advice on how to deal with ranma
  • X-Ryoga’s reason you suck speech to his younger counterpart over his womanizing ways.
  • The "Kuno, why must you break people's brains?" line was hilarious,

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