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  • The end of the very first puzzle in the game to get John powered on.
    John: *cough* Aww, mate, what did you unplug me for?
    Paradigm: *Darkly* You know why.
    John: Heh heh. Yeah.
  • Paradigm's blank o__o expression can often be a CMoF on its own. Especially after hearing a particularly surreal dialogue option.
    • The few times Paradigm breaks expression are gold themselves. Such as when he's crying after a robot he's talking to insults him, and how, shortly later, he forces a smile for the robot.
  • DUPA's commercial that plays at the beginning of the game. Complete with multiple Take Thats toward millenials and an option to turn your prodigy child into a cat.
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  • Paradigm finds a postcard, that serves as his Point-and-Click Map, in a mailbox...which was inside a mailbox...that someone mailed to his mailbox. Even Paradigm is confused.
  • Making Paradigm walk instead of using fast travel, much to his displeasure.
  • Baller's bodyguard is just a sheet of cardboard with a poorly drawn glaring man on it.
  • Whenever The Cone™ talks for his wife.
  • Paradigm's attempts to rap.
  • The PAGST storybook page of Olof and Klas's text messages.
  • The Water Heater actually getting adopted and the picture of her and her new family stuck on their fridge.
  • The Multiple Endings scene. Especially the "fan ending" option.
  • PAGST didn't know how much his defects would affect Paradigm's mental development by the time they'd meet him, so they assumed he would be mentally handicapped just to be safe and wrote a Dr. Seuss-esque children's book for him that explains his origins. Paradigm is... unimpressed.


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