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Funny / P. G. Wodehouse

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Go read just about anything the man wrote. Still..

  • The simple fact that there's a Wodehouse book (Laughing Gas) with a summary that begins with the sentence "Dirty work in the Fourth Dimension was the cause of all the trouble".
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  • The poem "Printer's Error", which is about a writer who realises that the printer of his latest novel has made a disastrous typo.note  He buys a gun and goes in search of the offending printer:
    I know how easy errors are.
    But this time you have gone too far
    By printing "not" when you knew what
    I really wrote was "now".
    Prepare,' I said, 'to meet your God
    Or, as you'd say, your Goo or Bod,
    Or possibly your Gow.'


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