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Funny / Much Obliged, Jeeves

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  • Bertie's comments on Aunt Dahlia's habit of talking loudly.
    I believe that she, when in good voice, could be heard in several adjoining counties.
  • Bertie's reaction to hearing Ginger is staying with Aunt Dahlia.
    I uttered a joyful cry, and [Aunt Dahlia] said if I did it again, she would sue me, it having nearly cracked her eardrum. A notable instance of the pot calling the kettle black, as the old saying has it, she having been cracking mine since the start of the proceedings.
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  • At the end, Bertie gets side-tracked while summing things up.
    Bertie: There remains a fly in the ointment, a familiar saying meaning... well, I don't quite know what it does mean. It seems to imply a state of affairs at which one is supposed to look askance, but why, I ask myself, shouldn't flies be in ointment? What harm do they do? And who wants ointment, anyway? But you get what I'm driving at.
  • When Jeeves reveals that Runkle went to prison for bribing a juror, Aunt Dahlia "revived like a floweret". Bertie adds, "Not that she looks like a floweret, but you know what I mean."
  • "...the McCorkadale gave that sniffing snort of hers. It was partly like an escape of steam and partly like two or three cats unexpectedly encountering two or three dogs, with just a suggestion of a cobra waking up cross in the morning. I wondered how it had affected the late Mr McCorkadale. Probably made him feel that there are worse things than being run over by a municipal tram."

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