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  • "Better Than Before" is full of these. Such as;
    Diana: And who's this little chubby girl?
    Dan: That's Natalie!
    Natalie: This sucks.

    Natalie: Here's the damage to the Honda when you showed me how to park it.
    Diana: Did we crush somebody's cat beneath the tire?
    Natalie: Yes, ours.

    Diana: [To Natalie] Your life has kinda sucked, I think.
    Natalie: You've got it! Yay, hooray!
  • Doctor Madden's rock star moments just before I'm Alive.
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  • For that matter, his rattling off all the warnings. "The white ones with the round yellow ones but not the trapezoidal green ones. Split the green ones into thirds with a tiny chisel...If a train is leaving New York at 120 miles an hour..."
  • And Diana in "Seconds and Years":
    Dr Madden: Do you still feel your head is filled with concrete?
    Diana: No...and you're not a scary rock star anymore!
    Dr Madden: Ok...great.
  • Diana in "Just Another Day":
    So my son's a little shit, my husband's boring/And my daughter, though a genius, is a freak...
  • Feeling Electric in the off-Broadway run, which takes Doctor Madden's brief rock star moments and makes a whole song out of it.
  • "I mean, Portland?"


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