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Capital Island

  • Marlon has collectable Kingdom Pals stuffed animals.
  • The prize for coming in 1st place in the wandolier quest? A wand! The second place prize? A toaster oven!
    • At one point Barney admits he only entered the competition for the toaster oven. It's funnier to see that in the end he does win it and he starts to break dance.
  • Buddy getting scared because Marlon keeps appearing out of nowhere. At one point on Capital Island Marlon disappears, then reappears again, scaring Buddy because Marlon wanted to apologize for scaring Buddy.
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  • This exchange shortly after the protagonist's first successful Socialization:
    Lyndsay: Alright, Buddy, I'll admit it. Your idea worked really well.
    Buddy: Thanks, Lyndsay! Since we're admitting things, I ate that cupcake you were saving from King Roland!
    Lyndsay: BUDDY!!!
    Barney: You guys are a riot. Really. I'm having a blast here.
  • After you come in just in time:
    Butter: No fair! How come everybody had a dramatic entrance but me?!
    Barney: I just walked through the door like a normal person.
  • Lyndsay lampshades the ridiculousness of digging bacon out of the ground.

Renee's Nature Preserve

  • On your way to Renee's island, Buddy wonders about what animals would be there.
    Buddy: I want to meet a cow!
    Lyndsay: Buddy, I think a nature preserve would have slightly more exotic animals than cows.
    Buddy: Really? HEY! Maybe they'll have pigs!!!
    Lyndsay: ...wouldn't THAT be a rare treat.

Cowboy Junction

  • When Rusty gets some sympathy, he immediately says never mind and would rather be lonely. Probably because he gets it from Ginny of all people.
  • Your clues as to the identity of the thief — because five eyewitnesses aren't enough — are all red bandannas. Somebody really likes red bandannas...
  • Roxie is more disgusted that Rusty touched a "dirty" horseshoe (that had been submerged in water to cool) with his bare hands than she was outraged at the theft.
  • When socializing with Gabby (who's upset that no one can understand him) you much pick options that are just a bunch of country bumpkin lingo and hope you picked that right ones.

Rocket Reef

  • Dr. F. He's the best and most eccentric character in the game.
    Dr. F: The 'F' stands for ROCKETS!!!
  • When you've gathered all of the pieces for TOBOR (except the legs) Buddy can stand in the way of the robot's head in the middle of a cutscene.
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  • When TOBOR quits, Dr. F insists on getting a monkey as their pilot. Alexa decides not to because they would be too smart so they need someone not as intelligent as a monkey. Cue Vic Vector.
  • If you fail to give Vic Vector the confidence to board the space ship, you're fail button says "Tell him his inevitable death."


  • After DJ Candy's entrance with her dancing Buddy starts to dance too. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • On Candypalooza island after chasing the crabs away you get a little cutscene of people dancing on the stage. Said people can be covered by speakers.
    • The way that everyone just stops dancing and looks at Buddy while he's dancing is pretty funny.

The Forest of the Elves

  • When on your way to the Forest of the Elves Buddy says he wants to see some elves make toys. Lyndsay says elves making toys is just a stereotype. Then, Buddy wonders what kinds of stereos they make.


  • Right when Lyndsay first meets Yuki she goes,
    Lyndsay: What the-?!
    • There's also Goth Boy's answer to getting past her
    Goth Boy: Why don't we just make a run for it? She can't bite all of us.
  • The giant board with Grandma Ruthie on it.
    Buddy: Wow, how did we miss that?
  • When you meet Grandma Ruthie she starts talking about business. Lyndsay's response?
    Lyndsay: Ma'am, could you please stop talking business? You're breaking Buddy.
  • Yuki freaking out from all the bright colors inside Grandma Ruthie's house.
  • At the end of your Spookane quest Morcubus just hands over the book of life to you, not knowing that it holds the secret to life in it. When you tell him what kind of book it is, he demands you give it back.
    Lyndsay: Sorry, No give-backsies!
    • What makes this part even funnier was that because Morcubus didn't know the book's true value, he was using it to steady a wobbly table in his kitchen.

The Royal Academy

  • On your way to the Royal Academy Lyndsay asks if Buddy wants to further his education. Buddy says he doesn't have the time, but he has learned to speak pigeon. Lyndsay asks how to say, "You're weird," in pigeon.
  • When Travis tries out Chaz's "Extreme-O-Tron", he only lasts a few seconds before falling off and crashing.
    Chaz (laughing): Oh, man, that was CLASSIC! Oh, Travis, you should've seen it!
  • When picking a Summer or Liberty for Travis to ask for a dance you can also ask Headmaster Rosalyn who gets flustered and declines and Chaz who gives a "No. Just... No" Reaction.

Trevor Island

  • On the trip to Trevor Island Lyndsay talks about the name. Buddy says that it sounds like a clarinet. Buddy then states that he had a clarinet named Trevor. Lyndsay goes, "Wow! You play the clarinet?" "No."
  • Before the play even starts Buddy starts cheering just because he loves introductions.
  • At the beginning of Trevor's play there's this person called, "Some Guy" who immediately falls in love with the forest princess and tells her just that. They immediately kiss.
    • Buddy then cheers again out of nowhere. He just states he loves suspense and that...
    Buddy: He's using it as a literary device; ever so tenuously keeping my attention through the dramatic build-up of events!
    Lyndsay: Where did you even LEARN that?
  • In Trevor's play everything's going well until the princess suddenly gets kidnapped by an evil baron! Intermission time.
  • There's apparently a FOREST OF DOOM which was called just that due to the "slightly uneven terrain and periodic jaguar attacks."
    • At the same time Lyndsay says to Buddy, who's sitting close to the stage,
    Lyndsay: If you sit that close to Trevor, you'll ruin your eyes!
    Buddy: Did you hear that, Lyndsay? There was UNEVEN terrain! Poor Prince Darwellsforth!
  • Let it also be noted that the prince's majestic steed is just a bull.
  • At one part of the play you have to herd Trevor.
  • At the end of the play Trevor dresses into the wrong costume and calls his play "the best play known to exist!"
  • At the end of the island's intro, you can tell that Lyndsay just want to get it over with, and doesn't really care except insofar as you get King Points for doing stuff.
    Lyndsay: Sooo...who's up for King Points?
  • The following is especially funny if you chose to be female:
    Trevor: I'll be the princess, you be Darwellsforth! Let the art BEGIN!

The Uncharted Isle

  • Lyndsay apologizes to Buddy that she didn't listen to him about how bad Mr. Vicent Skullfinder was. Buddy says it's alright, since he doesn't listen to himself either.
  • At one point in the game Guillermo brings you a grilled cheese sandwich for Buddy. With pickles.


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