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Headscratchers / MySims Kingdom

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  • Where does everyone get scrolls from?
    • They were probably made for the original Wandoliers to use. After the Wandoliers died out, the scrolls became collector's items. Every Sim claimed a Scroll or two that suited their own interests, perhaps hoping that someday a new or returning Wandolier would visit them.
  • Why are there so few people living on the islands? Was there a great flood which caused a lot of people to drown? On that note, why are there a bunch of islands and not one big continent anyways?
  • Why did Princess Butter hide the scrolls for gears and how did she get up to that high place in Capital Island?
    • First, her stated intent was to keep you there, since without the application of power, the harbor gate stays closed. After all, you three are the only Sims close to her age, and without you, the rest of the population is two old men, an old woman, and her father. Not really much of a peer group. It doesn't help things that she doesn't know how to make and keep friends, to the point where most of what you see her do is be actively antagonistic toward you. Her big idea is to remove the gears and ensure that you can't just conjure up more.
    • Second, it's not that high. It takes multiple jumps, but you can get there. If you assume Butter is roughly as athletic, it shouldn't be too hard for her, either.
  • Why did the people who came to Renee's island leave without unlocking the cages for the crabs?
    • They lost the key. Also, perhaps they were in a hurry.
  • Why, in Candypalooza, can you not just cancel the party and let the crabs do what they naturally do? After all, it's not their fault you got in their way. You just had bad planning and your mistake hurt the crabs.
  • For the Spookane quest, how does a blank book equal chaos? How does it make Goth Boy right? Maybe the author of the book wanted you to write your adventure of getting the book in the book.
    • The thought process was supposed to be as follows: the book contains the meaning of life. The book is blank. Ergo, life has no meaning.


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