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Funny / My Hero Academia - Training of the Dead

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  • Bakugo's rivalry with Fujimi. They're perfectly matched in the jerkassery department.
  • Five minutes after the exercise starts, All Might comments none of the teams has begun to move yet, and asks if it's a good idea to put them to do something boring like this.
    Aizawa: In this time of the year energy and tension are high in all Hero Courses. That's why it's important to teach them about avoiding fights, patience and self-control.
    All Might: You certainly have a point there... (Explosions go off in the distance) But somebody doesn't like that!
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  • Bakugo runs off on his own to take out two teams. By the time his teammates arrive, he's got them all tied up.
    Yaoyorozu: He defeated eight people on his own?
    Kirishima: You're great as an ally!
  • After Fujimi unleashes his zombie gas Quirk on a good part of the U.A. students, he proceeds to mock Izuku and the remaining students ... only for a zombified Bakugo to appear behind him. He manages to shriek out "OH MAAAA GAAAAWD!" before being bitten and infected too.
  • Even after becoming a zombie, Mineta remains perverted as ever. As a retaliation for groping her, Sekigai later uses him as a club.
  • Hagakure getting bitten and everyone being uncertain if this is the case because all they can see is the awkward zombie-like movements of her hands and feet.
  • While some find Tsuyu and Habuko's friendship adorable, others find it weird that a snake and a frog are best friends. Especially as it borders on Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.
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  • All Might shows up to save the remaining students from the zombies, only to turn back into his weak form due to overusing his muscle form. Izuku's stunned expression is hilarious.
  • Uraraka and Mina's reaction to the deformed All Might is "A stranger turned into a zombie!"
  • The "zombies" mistaking the real form of All Might as one of their own and leaving him alone.
    All Might: [realizing he's helpless and in the middle of them all] SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!
    [gets patted on the shoulder as the zombies lumber on by] They think I'm one of them!
    • And then, it occurs to him that he has no idea how to stop the zombies.
  • Midoriya finally fights back against his zombified classmates only for the effect to wear off at that exact moment. Unaware of what really happened, Bakugo sees this as a challenge and blows up Midoriya, sending him to the hospital in a full body cast. All Might attempts to cheer him up by buying him some snacks but poor Midoriya couldn't eat because his mouth is wrapped.

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