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Season 1

1x05 - The Dead Room

  • Dr. Summers' attempt to ascertain why there is a bunch of prostitutes in his hospital, without using the word and Mary's inability to understand what he is talking about:
    Dr. Summers: Uh (clears throat) Miss Phinney? These, um... these people... what are they?
    Nurse Phinney: They are patients, sir.
    Dr. Summers: Are they fancy girls, Miss Phinney... fast tricks, Dutch gals?
    Nurse Phinney: I don't know what those things are, sir. These women are prostitutes.

Season 2

2x01 - Balm in Gilead

  • Upon waking up after his first operation, the first and only faces Silas Bullen sees are those of Dr. Hale and Nurse Hastings. The man then wonders aloud if he has died and gone to hell.